Possible explanation for Larimer County judge's absence

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On Friday, July 12, the Coloradoan came out with a story titled “No explanation for Larimer County judge's absence”, which is quoted below. So I did a little research on Google for Robert Rand. Google Scholar came up with the following entry from the 10th Federal District (Order quoted below):

CAROL DAVY, Plaintiff,
JUDGE ROBERT RAND, in his official capacity as Larimer County Court Judge, CLIFFORD REIDEL, in his official capacity as District Attorney for Larimer County, and JOHN HICKENLOOPER, in his official capacity as Governor of the State of Colorado, Defendants.
Civil Action No. 13-cv-00509-PAB.
United States District Court, D. Colorado.
March 1, 2013.

Now what is that about? Google Scholar doesn't

"ARSON FRAUD" in Fort Collins? Please rethink Penny Flats and don't prosecute an innocent man...

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NOTE: Updated 11/13/2016

ARSON FRAUD is when someone setting fire to one's property with fraudulent intent ⇒ such as to collect insurance money. "According to Alfred Manes, the majority of property insurance crimes involve arson. One reason for this is that any evidence that a fire was started by arson is often destroyed by the fire itself." Insurance Fraud - Property Insurance

Last year, I wrote about the Penny Flats fire being a possible case of insurance arson. I'm more convinced of it now, because I worked for the plumbing sub-contractor at Penny Flats after the fire, and spoke to individuals who worked there. The original story was Insurance scapegoat for Brinkman? Why am I writing about it again? I was suspicious a while ago, BTW, (Other Suspects? Follow the money...), so this is nothing new.

What benefit could the Mr. Gilmore possibly have in

Ever read a book that really pissed you off?

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Note: Updated 11/25/2016

One of those that gets your blood boiling, your blood pressure and heartbeat up? If you have you know the feeling. I just finished reading through such a book. The name of the book is "Drawn to Injustice", by Timothy Masters with Steve Lehto. It's well worth whatever they charge for it.

Having done my share in removing Judges Blair and Gilmore in 2010, what gets me pissed is that I've personal experience with some of these individuals, and the shell game they play with both justice and truth. How many more perpetrations in Larimer County remain undiscovered? How many more innocents sent from this jurisdiction to DOC on false testimony, malfeasant prosecution, and with the help of the fantasies of statistical phrenologists? Innocents that just didn't have the luck of drawing a Maria Liu… You know, where there is smoke there is fire, and an iceberg only shows 10% of it's volume above the surface.

It irks that as you read, you find out that one of the main individuals who fought TOOTH and NAIL to prevent justice for Tim Masters after Maria Liu became involved was Cliff Riedel, who got 'elected' in our judicial district to District Attorney in 2012. 'Elected' in quotes

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth: You may BS the masses, but you can't BS science...

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Watched the movie last night. WOW! On par with Press for 9/11 Truth (available at the Old Town Branch of the Poudre Library District), this is a movie to open the eyes and cause the mind to raise questions. This is not conspiracy theory, folks, but architects and engineers responsible for designing safe high-rise steel structure buildings talking about their field of expertise. They know, from over twenty five thousand person-years of accumulated experience, that what the official report of the building collapses (Towers 1, 2, and 7) says is nonsense. See for yourself, below. Or better yet, visit the site, sign the petition, and get your own copy.


Very Close Call From The Sky - Amazing Video of Meteor Over Russia

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Note: Updated 12/1/2016

Dammed scary, and shows the need for a planetary space based defense system. Maybe not in our lifetimes, but start spending money on it, Politicians… The first one is taken from the ubiquitous dash cams that Russians use, author unknown. The action starts at 0:10 on the video (not the dashcam clock).

In the next video, from what appears to be a smart phone camera one hears, and almost feels the shock wave and the poo hits the fan... There are some other great videos of this event on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tu1vhfnCd3o and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpmXyJrs7iU

Wondering what this obscenity of surveillance is on Mulberry and Timberline

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As I was driving around today, I noticed the following new Larimer County Sheriff Office item (looking brand new) sitting east from the Diesel Services of Northern Colorado parking lot in the median of Highway 14 (it was later moved to the concrete part of the median at Mulberry and Timberline)

Larimer County Sheriff Office Mobile Surveillance Machine
Click on image to view full resolution

Pretty interesting machine, isn't it? I call it the Larimer County Sheriff Office Mobile Surveillance Machine, or LCSOMSM in bureau-speak. It's when one looks at the mast closely though, that's when things get very interesting, because what precisely is the


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I was recently contacted by a victim and example of corruption in this community. She wants her story publicized, and I'm more than willing to oblige, because she is computer illiterate. Those of you here in Choice City {for whom, BTW} may remember the story of Holiday Christy, who was portrayed as this monster animal abuser. I wrote about it back in August, 2011. The fact is that she had the misfortune to get fuel on I-25 and Harmony in this community. She was traveling with all of her animals, including a number of breeder dogs, to a new life in Texas. One animal got loose, got hit, and all of a sudden law enforcement and Animal Control, aka The Humane Society is involved.

To make a long story short, I believe that somebody found out that she was carrying hard cash and had breeder animals, and snatched her animals, arresting her and falsely accusing her of animal abuse. The legal fraud to that, is that from Fort Collins to Texas is less than 24 hours. The animals were not being abused in any way, they were being transported in cages with food and water. They demanded $6300 to get back the animals, inventing

Banning Panhandelers: How the County Commissioners may waste more of our tax dollars

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Note: Updated 12/8/2016

So the Commissioners are about to take a vote on banning panhandling, like on the medians at Timberline and Mulberry (Hwy 14), as reported by the Coloradoan. I would recommend that the Commissioners attempt to do no such thing, lest they get us embroiled in a lawsuit with the ACLU as Colorado Springs has here recently.

Why would the ACLU take up the case of the panhandler? Because it is a First Amendment free speech issue for both the panhandler and driver. He (or she), the panhandler, has a First Amendment right to discuss anything with me unless I refuse so. I have the right to discuss, or not, whatever I want with that panhandler once approached. That discussion can range from the weather to the design of nuclear weapons. It can also include an entreaty for a pecuniary gratuity. And I can give it or not, at my choosing. These are all basic First Amendment rights in America. If you don't want to talk to them, you keep your window rolled up, or tell them so. If you do, you roll your window down. It's no big deal.

The Commissioners and whoever is advising them are going about this the wrong way. First off

Looks bad for Mr. Gilmore

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But that is what the preliminary hearing is all about, showing that there is enough evidence to bring things to trial. Obviously, there is. Convictions, however, don't occur at preliminary hearings, and those hearings are biased predominantly for the prosecution. There not much defense counsel input into them.

Looking at what was reported on the Coloradoan story quoted below, the most damaging piece of evidence is the watch. How did the watch get to be in the area? I won't get into conjecture on that one point, because that is a crucial piece of evidence. Kind of like homie's broken hand that didn't hit nobody. Some thoughts on everything else though:

  • The burns are probably explainable. One possible reason is manufacturing charcoal.
  • There's any numerous reasons for having a bandage on the hand.
  • Was there clothing with accelerant smell on them or evidence of combustion. Some forensic chemical analysis of clothing similar to what they do when they test for gunshot residue.

Observe Eighth Judicial District Modus Operandi

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With respect to the Coloradoan story quoted below, I can honestly say, from very personal experience, that this is the standard modus operandi in this Eighth Judicial District of Colorado. Stop a second, and step back. Look at the forest, instead of the trees in front of your face.  What year is this? 2012, duh. What is this year? Umm. An election year. Pray tell, who is term limited this year? Head scratching? Yes, well I want y'all to think, deep and well about this because if you DON'T pay attention, you, dear electorate, will be played like a cheap violin, and might I venture to say, yet again.

What my next question would be is: Has Mr. Gilmore given notice that he is taking it to trial or has he refused a plea. When my incident with the Larimer County employee, related in posts below this one, occurred and I responded to criminal charges with a lawsuit against the county employee, they operated in the same fashion.

What is really going on here? What I mention above is hypothesis trying to explain known data. But please recall a certain