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4 hours 33 minutes ago

Loveland's Pat Sobek: 'Run 'til the race is run'

4 days 17 hours ago
When Pat Sobek enrolled in college for the first time at age 49, she found confidence, her passion for helping others stay fit and a love of running that, even at 72, keeps her pounding the pavement nearly every day.
<b>By Pamela Johnson</b><p><p><i>Reporter-Herald Staff Writer</i>

Home Waters: Take precautions if you put fishing season on ice

4 days 22 hours ago
The thing to keep in mind about ice fishing, apart from it being lots of fun in a mildly moronic, masochistic way, is that it's entirely possible to fall through the ice and experience, at the very least, a sudden blast of icy water so shockingly cold that it renders you stunned, and gasping like beached carp.
<b>By Dennis Smith</b>
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