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4 hours 54 minutes ago

Opinion: How '1984' can decode Trump's first 100 days

3 weeks 6 days ago
Watching me read "1984," arguably the greatest dystopian novel ever written, in high school, my mother told me that it was a book that everyone should read not just once, but again, every 10 years. It certainly deserves a reread right now.

Mnuchin's foreign money links examined

3 weeks 6 days ago
Senate Democrats are raising questions about whether Steve Mnuchin, President Donald Trump's treasury secretary nominee, deliberately misled lawmakers at his confirmation hearing.

DHS chief defends rollout of Trump's executive order

3 weeks 6 days ago
The newly installed secretary of homeland security on Tuesday defended the rollout of the controversial executive order by President Donald Trump over the weekend, saying that he and his agency had been fully involved its drafting.

The best and the worst of protest signs

3 weeks 6 days ago
The best (and the worst) protest signs from the anti-travel ban demonstrations. Jeanne Moos shows it all, from signs held by adults to those worn by dogs.

Trump to continue order protecting LGBTQ federal workers

3 weeks 6 days ago
An executive order protecting federal employees from anti-LGBTQ discrimination that was signed by President Barack Obama in 2014 will continue to be in effect in President Donald Trump's administration, the White House announced Tuesday.

WH: Yates has betrayed the Department of Justice

3 weeks 6 days ago
The acting Attorney General Sally Yates has told Justice Department lawyers not to make legal arguments defending the President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration and refugees, according to sources familiar with the order.

Bannon elevated from political adviser to policy maker

3 weeks 6 days ago
To outsiders looking in, President Donald Trump's decision to give his chief strategist Steve Bannon a permanent seat with the National Security Council's most senior officials marked the startling elevation of a political adviser to a policy-making role.

Trump bringing Supreme Court favorites to Washington

3 weeks 6 days ago
The two judges who have been considered the top finalists to be President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court -- Neil Gorsuch and Thomas Hardiman -- are being brought to Washington ahead of tonight's White House announcement, sources tell CNN.

Deputy quits after bodycam appears to catch him stealing

3 weeks 6 days ago
A 10-year veteran of the Volusia County Sheriff's Office in Florida resigned on Monday not long after officials released body camera video that allegedly shows the deputy taking money from the wallet of a DUI suspect.

Senate Democrats boycotting two confirmation votes

3 weeks 6 days ago
In a surprise turn of events, Senate Democrats announced Tuesday morning that they are boycotting a committee vote on two of President Donald Trump's Cabinet nominees, drawing fury from Republicans across the aisle.
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