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Canada is closed

3 days 22 hours ago
Canada is closed. A nation shuts for one night to celebrate the final emotional farewell of The Tragically Hip.

Lochte: 'It was my fault'

4 days 2 hours ago
US swimmer Ryan Lochte has apologised to the people of Brazil after "over-exaggerating" claims he was robbed at gunpoint while at the Rio Olympics.

Rooney 'angrier' after seeing BBC relay video

4 days 3 hours ago
Martyn Rooney tells BBC Sport he is even angrier after seeing a replay of Great Britain's controversial disqualification from the 4x400m relay. Third leg runner Matthew Hudson-Smith was ruled to have had part of his foot out of the takeover zone when he began running.

Strange path

4 days 3 hours ago
Three men share their experience of using the Class A drug peyote to find religious enlightenment.

Casa Brasil

4 days 6 hours ago
The My Shop series visits Casa Brasil in central London, which is enjoying a surge of customers thanks to the Rio Olympics.
7 hours 22 minutes ago
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