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Australia removed from UN climate report

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 02:00
All references to climate change's impact on World Heritage sites in Australia are removed from a UN report after a government request.

VIDEO: A haven for endangered water voles

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 00:54
The water vole has become Britain's most endangered mammal, but a project in Worcestershire is trying to reverse the decline.

Are Exeter Chiefs the new Leicester City?

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 00:50
Is Waldrom the new Vardy? Or Parling the new Huth? BBC Sport looks at why Exeter Chiefs could be the Leicester City of rugby union.

German words tie US Spelling Bee again

Fri, 05/27/2016 - 00:29
The words "Feldenkrais" and "Gesellschaft" make Jairam Hathwar and Nihar Janga co-champions of the US Spelling Bee, the third tie in a row.

G7 says Brexit is risk to growth

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 23:54
A declaration at the G7 meeting in Japan says a vote by the UK to leave the European Union would pose a "serious threat to global growth".

Net migration data sparks referendum row

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 23:23
The fallout from the release of figures showing UK net migration has risen to a near record level attracts headlines.

Possible MH370 debris found in Mozambique

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 21:22
Experts following the MH370 search say it is likely a new piece of debris found by a BBC reader in Mozambique came from the missing plane.

ABC's Martin Fry: 'I'm beyond risk'

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 20:39
Martin Fry reflects on sequel to ABC's Lexicon of Love

The life and death of a boy sailor

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 20:37
The life and death of a boy sailor

Brief Encounter's Margaret Barton turns 90

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 20:34
Margaret Barton, 90, recalls role in Brief Encounter

Teen cancer death rate causes alarm

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 20:24
Too many teenagers and young adults are dying of some types of cancer, a Europe-wide report warns.

VIDEO: Inside this year's Architecture Biennale

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 20:03
This year's Architecture Biennale in Venice explores how buildings can be designed creatively and sustainably to improve the environment and our lives.

Thai toilet snake gives man nasty shock

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 19:49
A Thai man is recovering in hospital after a python emerged from a toilet and sank its fangs into his penis.

French unions oppose Hinkley Point

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 18:32
The future of the planned new nuclear plant at Hinkley Point, in Somerset, remains in doubt as key French unions raise concerns over its cost, Newsnight learns.

VIDEO: EU young voters debate - in 90 seconds

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 18:03
A BBC debate on the EU referendum is held in Glasgow with an audience of voters aged between 18 and 29, and focusing on the issues affecting young people.

Why I wrote about my wife's miscarriage

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 18:02
Husband's online account of fertility problems strikes a chord

Quiz of the week's news

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 18:00
Where was Angelina Jolie made a professor?

Syria war: Battling on as a disabled refugee

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 17:48
How hard is it to be a Syrian refugee with a disability?

Google wins in Java fight with Oracle

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 17:46
Google wins legal battle against Oracle to use Java software in its Android operating system.

VIDEO: The paper cranes of Hiroshima

Thu, 05/26/2016 - 17:43
A victim of the nuclear bombing is remembered through the symbolic folding of paper cranes, sent from around the world to Hiroshima.