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'Murder in Manchester': Press reacts to Arena terror attack

5 days 9 hours ago
We bring you a special edition of our press review after an explosion ripped through Manchester Arena as people were leaving an Ariana Grande concert on Monday. Police say at least 22 people have been killed. If confirmed as being a terror attack, it would be the worst in the UK since the London bombings in 2005. We look at eyewitness accounts, newspaper front pages, plus reactions from politicians and Twitter users.

Cannes 2017: Naomi Campbell hosts 'Fashion For Relief'

5 days 21 hours ago
One of the original supermodels -- and first black covergirl 25 years ago -- speaks to Eve Jackson about her charity Fashion for Relief, which hosted a catwalk show in Cannes raising money for the Save the Children charity, pulling in stars such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Uma Thurman, Kate Moss and Queen Rania Jordan. She also spoke to FRANCE 24 about the refugees she spent time with in Jordon.

Video: Can Israeli-Palestinian talks succeed under Trump?

6 days 9 hours ago
FRANCE 24, on Sunday, hosted a debate between former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni and chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat during the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa in Jordan. Livni and Erekat expressed the need to restart negotiations and the prospect of peace amid President Donald Trump’s first visit to the region.

Cannes 2017: Arnold Schwarzenegger is back

6 days 20 hours ago
The Mr Universe turned Terminator turned governor of California is in Cannes to talk about his new film "The Wonders of the Sea". Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks to Eve Jackson about the time he waltzed with Sylvester Stallone, his documentary "Pumping Iron" and changing Donald Trump's views on the environment.
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