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4 hours 54 minutes ago

Amnesty chief urges France to 'stay true to its values'

6 days ago
This year, London-based Amnesty International took the unusual step of unveiling its much-awaited annual report in France. Amnesty Secretary-General Salil Shetty explains why France is under the human rights spotlight and what it means for the international community.

#BringBackOurInternet: English-speaking Cameroon hit by digital blackout

6 days 8 hours ago
Since mid-January, minority English-speaking regions of Cameroon have had their internet access cut off. These regions have seen anti-government protests in recent months, and many people believe the outage is part of attempts to stifle dissent. An international campaign to restore internet access has been launched on social media, but with little success so far. Those working in digital start-ups have suffered the most from not being able to get online, as our correspondents report.

Slapstick, stunts and a sweet 'pas de deux' in the streets of Paris

1 week ago
From ballroom dancing in the suburbs to vertiginous exploits on the Eiffel Tower, Fiona Gordon has created a unique brand of burlesque, acrobatic comedy alongside her partner Dominique Abel. Blending dance, mime and theatre, the duo have brought their synchronicity to their latest film "Lost in Paris". Fiona joins us in the studio to talk about upturning Parisian clichés, the awkwardness of human interactions and finding inspiration in everyday clumsiness.
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