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Iraqi foreign minister warns retaking Mosul 'does not mean end of terrorism'

5 days 20 hours ago
As Western-backed Iraqi and Kurdish forces battle to retake the northern city of Mosul from the Islamic State group, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari spoke to FRANCE 24 about the ongoing offensive. He warned that IS group fighters may try to hide among the inhabitants fleeing the city. He also discussed the role of Shiite militias, saying some of them will be integrated into the regular Iraqi army after Mosul is recaptured.

Champagne, a French success story

6 days ago
French champagne might be the only wine that claims to have an inventor. According to legend, it was the monk Dom Pérignon who first succeeded in bottling the fizzy little bubbles, in the 17th century. Today, champagne and its bubbles have become a quintessential French symbol of celebration and pleasure. "You Are Here" takes you to France’s Champagne region to see how this legendary sparkling wine is made.

German authorities struggle with radical Salafist preachers

6 days 9 hours ago
Hundreds of young Germans have joined the ranks of the Islamic State group. Many of them were radicalised in Germany by Salafist preachers well known to the authorities. Our team in Germany met a father whose two sons left for Syria and never came back, as well as a mother (pictured) whose son did not join the IS group but is accused of carrying out a bombing on a Sikh community. Both parents want the authorities to put more radical preachers behind bars.

Video: Iraqi army battles to open road to Mosul

6 days 15 hours ago
The battle to liberate the villages south of Mosul continues as the Iraqi army and federal police forces co-ordinate to open a road to the Islamic State group’s (IS) stronghold in Iraq. FRANCE 24 followed one of the Iraqi units south of the city.

Yemen ceasefire comes into effect

1 week ago
A ceasefire took effect in war-ravaged Yemen just before midnight Wednesday, under a United Nations plan, as warring parties face mounting pressure to end more than 18 months of fighting.
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