Daughter: Swedish bookseller seized by Chinese agents

12 hours 53 minutes ago
A Swedish book publisher under house arrest in China was seized by plainclothes police on a train Saturday in front of diplomats, his daughter said, reigniting international criticism of Beijing's treatment of its critics.

Campaign complaint filed over reported Trump porn star payment

13 hours 27 minutes ago
The group Common Cause has lodged complaints alleging that a reported hush payment for a porn star to stay quiet about an alleged affair with Donald Trump in 2006, before he was elected President, constitutes a campaign finance violation.

Opinion: This is a big loss for Schumer and Democrats

13 hours 31 minutes ago
All anyone needed to know about how the #SchumerShutdown was going to end could be found in the votes of five red-state Democrats who, on Friday night, bailed on their party's leader and supported President Donald Trump and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's position to keep the government open.

USA Gymnastics' leaders step down

13 hours 51 minutes ago
As gymnast after brave, young gymnast took a podium to lambaste serial molester and former gymnastics physician Larry Nassar, the national governing body for the sport announced Monday its top executives were stepping down.