Female jail inmate, 25, died in hospital of unknown cause

Regarding this story in the Coloradoan: http://www.coloradoan.com/article/20110202/UPDATES01/110202036/Female+jail+inmate++25++died+in+hospital+of+unknown+cause  I find this Justin Smith quote interesting: Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith said an inmate hospitalized similar to Nobi ordinarily would be released by the courts on a personal recognizance bond. She faced a “minor charge” and posed “no flight risk,” but Nobi was intubated within a few days of arriving at the hospital, he said.   If she posed no flight risk, why was she locked up? Why were you willing to give her a PR bond after she was admitted to the hospital Justin?  So that she could pay for her hospital stay, likely caused by something that was done to her at LCDC?    


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Dead is Dead

The lone comment on the Coloradoan at 4:35 PM 2/3/2011 Woman dies at PVH is: Rayven1980 wrote: If this is a health issue, no one needs to be held accountable. What responsibility is there that needs accepting? Hypothesis without complete information is not logical. We'll see after more information comes out.   Now, as this death and the death of  Charles Edward Betts, occurred under the watch of the Sheriff's Department much like the death of Summer Moon Hawk happened under the watch of DHS. One has to wonder why no county employees are having to answer for these deaths. Kaylynn Davis carried all the blame for Summer's death, while Ginny Riley, Jim Drendel, Steve Johnson, Tom Donnelly and Lew Gaiter all sit back and watch all this happen. Where is the integrity of the leadership in Larimer County. Because if is not being shown by the leadership of Larry Abrahamson, Andy Lewis, Emily Humphrey in the DA's Office. Where are the investigations into these deaths holding those accountable for the failures of the county to protect citizens. Wait, this can be explained away with less explanation than pumping a guy holding a flashlight with 28 rounds!!!!!     
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Maybe they are related?

"Sheriff’s spokesman John Schulz said the two deaths were “totally unrelated,” and the two would have been in “totally separate parts of the jails.”"

Methinks that's a tad premature. Mr. Betts died January 6, at the jail. Ms. Nodi was jailed January 6, and hospitalized January 9. The obvious commonalities are being homeless and being at LCDC. Has there been anybody else sick or hospitalized that was at the jail and/or homeless during that time period? Are we looking at an airborne or food pathogen?

BTW, the term "transient" is a despicable denigrating way of addressing the homeless. Most of them are not transient in any respect. A lot of them are Vets that served their country in 'Nam, Desert Storm, etc. A lot of them can't find a job in this economy. Regardless, the transient ones, actually, are the ones that drive by a homeless individual, in their one-occupant SUVs, sneering at the less fortunate because they may look, God Forbid, unwashed and rough. How many paychecks away from being able to swap positions with them are you there my friend who says "transient", hmmm?

While old guys may keel over unexpectedly, twenty-something year olds don't normally die of nothing, IMHO...

Fort Collins, CO, USA

"BTW, the term "transient" is

"BTW, the term "transient" is a despicable denigrating way of addressing the homeless." Cat, most cops think of the homeless as dispicable. Frankly, I think half of the jail deputies are dispicable. The other half are decent people just trying to do their job. We need to find out just how many people die at LCDC every year. I think it is higher then what you hear about in the Coloradoan. And as usual the Coloradoan will stuff that kind of negative information anyway.
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Well add one more to law enforcement

With all the shootings that have happened lately, one has to wonder? As Larimer County can not prevent the death or protect children from abuse, it should be no wonder that they can not protect inmates. Just more of the same. If you have any interaction with Child Protective Services, Fort Collins Police, Larimer County Sheriffs your life is in danger. If they do not outright shoot you, then they will not provide medical services while incarcerated waiting trial. This is the kind of justice that you may find in a third world country, but we are in Larimer County. Lets hope the new Sheriff can get this problem fixed?   

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