Continued Coloradoan Censorship

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As one of the founding members of Judicial Justice, and a long time poster on the Fort Collins Coloradoan, I've got to wonder what the hell they are doing, and who is actually pulling the strings. Did the last editor resign because they refused to do thru integrity what Mr. Bob Moore now does willingly? One can see the results every day since his promotion. Long time posters, lots of them active in the last election through discourse and dialectic, are now banned from the Comments section. Why? One reason given by Mr. Moore for the banning is profanity. But the lie behind that is that the website screens for profanity (you know, Carlin's seven words). A perfect example from today is Greeley school board plans to tell member he can't bring gun to meetings, where the count of Comments is 1(7:15AM), but no Comments display. Why is that being done? The reasons given by Mr. Moore are patently false for the majority if not all of those banned from Commenting. We'll continue this next with email communications and some conjectures as to why the Comment banning is occurring. This is a free speech forum, btw, so jump right in... So off to work so we can maintain this site, LOL!


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Continued Coloradoan Censorship

CatWhisperer,   That is so true. Many of the comments were deleted because of content and had nothing to do with making false, slanderous comments or using profanity. It does seem to show that the Coloradoan and Bob Moore have an agenda to hide anything that would expose the corruption in Larimer County, from law enforcement, child protection services, to the Larimer County Board of County Commissioners. The citizens of Larimer County should be informed of when those they have elected to office have done things that bring shame to the citizens. I still feel that it should be noted that Elliot Phelps, the Special Investigator for the 8th Judicial District, found that DHS Supervisor Angela Mead and Larimer County Attorney Linda Connors made false statements in a child abuse case. Yet, it is acceptable for both of these people to be used to testify in child abuse cases that the DA's Office is prosecuting. Why, Larry Abrahamson and Elliot Phelps think that not taking action to inform the courts (judges) in Larimer County about this, in any way helps bring about protection to children in Larimer County? One should question Steve Johnson, Tom Donnelly, and Lew Gaiter, why they continue the employment of Ginny Riley and Jim Drendel, after it has been found they must condone this use of false statements in their own department.
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Many of the posters from

Many of the posters from before Bob Moore's tenure are no longer posting. It makes for lack of liveliness in the discussions. But certain individuals still post exactly what I was allegedly banned for. Whatever... In the days of information, it's becoming kind of hard to hide the lies, regardless of the methods taken. Look at what happened in Tunisia today, due in a large part to social networking, knowledge, and will. The people there said NO. The people said NO locally in November and we have two new judges (good luck to them) to replace two that should have NEVER been judges. What you're saying will come out Greg.

Fort Collins, CO, USA

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