The White Elephant in the room: What's up with the cast Homie, who didn't hit nobody...

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So the alleged assailant of Nathan Nixon Engle does something unbelievably unusual for a criminal defendant charged with assault that will probably be bumped up to murder in the second degree. He goes on 9News, and holds forth on his innocence.

But the White Elephant in the room by stark contrast, that neither Anastasiya Bolton or anybody else mentions but the cameraman really picks up on, is the cast.

What's up with the cast on the hand/arm that hit nobody, Homie? Something happened to that hand/arm, didn't it. The following is a screen grab from the 9News video at 13 seconds into the video.

Scren grab of 9News video of alleged Nathan Nixon Engle assailant Terrence Wilson, 00:13,

Possibly hitting somebody hard enough on the back of the head to break that arm maybe? How can we possibly explain that arm to the jury. Oh yes, it will probably never get to a jury trial, you'll plead to a lesser offense and give yourself a life on the taxpayer dime with your gangbanger brethren in the Big House.

Tough guy, that arm in a sling hopefully is your ticket to having the State press your reset button, LOL. And shame on you Anastasia for not asking the easy pointed question for the rest of us.


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Wilson case update

A jury convicted Mr. Terance Wilson today, January 19, 2012, of negligent homicide and second-degree assault in the death of Nathan Engle, on June 5, 2011. Mr. Engle left behind three young children. Don't know the details of what the actual charges were vs. what the jury convicted on. Needless to say, though this is justice done in our system, Mr. Engle is still not with us, so true justice can never be had.

Maybe one day we'll grow up as a sapient species of this planet, remembering these kinds of things as relics of an ignorant and barbarous past, and not ever again cause this pain and hurt on one another. One can hope anyhow…

Fort Collins, CO, USA

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