DER SCHEIB, CENSORED AGAIN! - Under the BanMEOnceMore nom-de-guerre...

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I guess they think at the Coloradoan that I will yeild. I won't because their banning of my comments is dispicable and why I started this site. We'll continue the struggle against the lie in Fort Collins for as long as it takes.

BanMEOnceMORE 7:39 PM on July 20, 2011

Lets also not forget, that while the Fort Collins Clerk counts those signatures, a lawsuit blocking the petition from being placed on the ballot has to be ruled upon. That folks, is the truth that the media isn't reporting and hasn't since day one of it's filing. It won't matter if Concerned Fort Collins Citizens gets 50000 signatures if the Local Option itself is invalid or unconstitutional.

Will it folks? This is the truth somebody at the Coloradoan doesn't want you to see, but is fact nonetheless.

BanMEOnceMORE 7:26 PM on July 20, 2011

So how many more avatars do I have to create to post on this site? This is the fourth one today, and people are going to start to wonder. How many of my separate posts have you blocked or censored, going on around 12, right. And all I've said has been true, and in a reasonable manner.

Folks, when you ban dispensaries, you'll get the grow operations in your neighborhoods. What other truths have I stated that you've also disallowed the voting public to see?

Again by banning posters from posting reasonable comment the Coloradoan is showing a compromised position. Ray wants the people to vote right. How about the Coloradoan allows the discussion to occur on its merits hey?

Shall we go another round of Avatars tomorrow Bob, and Friday too? carries the censored commentary, BTW, folks.

The answer to that last post is aparently a resounding yes.


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