DER SCHEIB, CENSORED AGAIN! - Finally under the RebirthManyTimes nom-de-guerre!

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Interesting to what lengths the Coloradoan will go to censor my input to this topic, and the counter-measures that I have to deploy to negate that censorship. In the end, as it's their website, they will win, but I have to wonder about the weakness of the argument.

As of Sunday, over thirty postings had been deleted. The count of postings went from the mid-seventies to the mid-thirites. Hopefully people notice this and comment on it, as it's ridiculuous. As I had to move, I needed to set the education down this weekend, but the issue is still here, folks…

RebirthManyTimes 5:44 PM on July 22, 2011

Bob, why do you continue? I'll let it go for the weekend because I've got work to do, but don't you get it?

All of the posts are still out there in the Aether. Why is the position so weak? To rehash...

  • Ban dispensaries, it will find it's way back into your neighborhoods, inviting home invasions, maybe of the wrong house.
  • There is no correlation between your children and dispensaries in Fort Collins. A real statistical analysis is pending.
  • Banning dispensaries will not benefit Fort Collins, IMHO. The City Council spent almost two years crafting meaningful regulation, it should be left alone.
  • Censored/banned posters reincarnate...

RebirthManyTimes 5:50 PM on July 22, 2011

Oh yes, one more thing.

  • 11CV1044 has to be ruled upon. Yes?

Hope everybody had a nice weekend!


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