LOCAL SCUTTLEBUTT - Observing Personal Injustice and Sweet Irony at the same time...

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There's sweet irony sometimes, couched as injustice. I'm getting some groceries the other day, and guess who I see driving the POS Ranger but the "Old Man". Now a certain set of plumbers here in Choice City probably know who I'm talking about, as well as maybe some of the local plumbing suppliers. I feel bad for you guys that you're still having to put up with him. He made work a poisonous environment, bragged about his days in the phone company back East, getting people fired and how you had to kiss his ass or he knew how to make your life miserable.

The "Old Man" is why I collect Federal Emergency UI Benefits. This person put his hands on me in an office, another one of those kind, also got physically rebuffed, and the police were called. Why they wouldn't press charges against Mr. Old Man, well, feel free to ask them. I kind of don't care, other than adding fuel to the fight against injustice in all forms.

I'm sure that they are giving me the brown shoe on references, whatever. He transgresses, and keeps his job. I really don't want to work in places like that anyhow. The sweet irony, though, is that he is a liability to the company, and you've had that information presented to y'all how many times, Mr. Company Owner? But nepotism or whatever between the "Old Man" and the company owner keeps him there, no matter what.

I took a 50% pay cut in take home pay, but I'm much happier psychologically. A supervisor may fire or discipline an employee, but he damn sure can't put his despicable hands on any subordinate. He didn't wind up going to the hospital because, well, he's an "Old Man", as opposed to a similar prick years ago.


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