AFEBUI BLOG - All questions FINALLY answered, JFC!

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With the receipt of the communication attached below, all of my three questions with respect to FEBUI are answered. Now why did it take such of a hassle to get? As I'll show in the next blog entry, I think maybe there are more issues here. Whatever.

To recap, three questions with their corresponding answers:

  1. What was the status of my then current FEBUI claim?
    Exhausted, determined by the default of receiving 1 weeks payment.
  2. Information on the status of pending Federal Emergency UI Benefits.
    Begun, determined by the default of receiving 1 weeks payment.
  3. Information on how to apply for continuation of Federal Emergency UI Benefits.
    Unnecessary, as related in the communication below to the CDLE. It automatic. Now pay attention, folks, in the preceding communications between myself and the LCWC, documented below this site, where was this related by the LCWC? Read their communications. They don't know? I find that hard to  believe. It's a shame I don't have a roll-eyes smiley…

With the three questions resolved, I have no further claim in this matter. The criminal chargers instigated by the Larimer County Workforce Center are another matter entirely. In the meantime, maybe the taxpayer should consider eliminating that division of the Colorado Department of Labor. But it really is part of the County system, disavowal or not, as the next post will show.

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CDLE Statement of Federal Extended Benifits Teir Two

P.S. Address redacted due to being wrong.


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