Another Letter to the (Coloradoan) Editor Lost in Cyberspace

Just a couple of stray thoughts on the Medical Marijuana Centers. First, Team Fort Collins is talking about medical marijuana being "distributed by clerks with no medical background." They are confusing doctors with clerks. It is the doctor, with the medical background, that makes the recommendation. Then the state charges a hefty sum of money so the patient is permitted to buy. The clerk at the MMC just does the measuring and packaging. How much medical background does it take to measure a couple of grams or a quarter of an ounce? How much medical background does it take to know that "Indica generally gives more pain relief and is more of a sleep aid than Sativa"? Making an issue of that is really, really reaching. Also, for those worried about the effect on youth, please consult the Marijuana Policy Project Teen Use Report (June 2011) "strongly suggesting that enactment of state medical marijuana laws does not increase teen marijuana use." People should acquire some facts before they try to influence others.


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