Do not reelect Steve Johnson and Tom Donnelly in 2012 (it has already started)

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This is the start of my effort to inform voters not to reelect Steve Johnson and Tom Donnelly in 2012 to the Larimer County Board of County Commissioners. Steve Johnson, Tom Donnelly and Larry Abrahamson, Well it seems that you do not think that my mother was a victim of a crime. As I have evidence that Larry Abrahamson, Andrew Lewis, Emily Humphrey and David Vandenberg were not competent enough to even ask for. I have to say that all of you are part of the problem that corruption is alive and well in Larimer County. Tom Donnelly your lack of not displaying a spine and speaking up against Steve Johnson just shows that you should not hold your current position. I feel that none of you should hold public office. Because of the lack of leadership that Steve Johnson and Tom Donnelly have shown, I have decided to do my part and to start exposing your lack of leadership to hold public office. I do not know if you are thinking of following Wayne Allard and contemplating running in the future for the 4th Congressional District Seat. As I will helping my father on one of the bigger ranch's in the 4th Congressional District later this week. When the discussions of politics comes up, which it always does (people out in this part of the district are not Obama fans), I am going to be sure to mention that if they ever hear the name Steve Johnson (claiming to be a former veterinarian) or Tom Donnelly, that any method available to them should be used to ensure that neither Steve Johnson or Tom Donnelly get past the nomination process. If either should happen to be nominated then they should make sure that either is not elected. Steve Johnson, as my father will support me on this, after I let him listen to your comment to Larry Abrahamson, that my mother was not the victim of the theft of $35,000, and that you must feel that Larry Abrahamson's display of not hiring capable or competent prosecutors to ensure that my my daughter (my mother and fathers granddaughter) is not currently being sexually abused. As Steve Johnson, Tom Donnelly, Lew Gaiter, and Larry Abrahamson can not tell me that they know if my daughter is still being sexually abused because Elliot Phelps has found that those they would ask to confirm this will make false/fabricated statements in the sexual abuse case of a child, my daughter. Steve Johnson, as the work we will be doing involves work the falls into the academic certification that my father holds, Theriogenology, I think that when my father agrees with me about the lack of leadership that you have shown in sexual abuse case of my daughters, they will take that lack of support for you very seriously. The fact that these ranchers would have to travel to Fort Collins and go to the CSU Vet School to have someone with the same level of certification do this work, helps lend more authority to the opinion he gives about the issue of your lack of leadership. Tom Donnelly will just to ride on the fact that he is associated with you. As a member of the CSU Vet School did come out and do some of this work while my father was having some health problems, and the client was not happy with answers to questions that he knew the answers to. As my father has been doing this work on this ranch for about 48 years now. The ranch I am talking about is the Lasater Ranch, and since the sale that was held on September 11, 2010, I am aware of 270 bulls being tested on this ranch alone (sometimes they test under ten, which I do not help with). I would take a guess and say that the number of animals tested on this ranch alone is more bulls than come through the CSU Vet School in maybe two year or more years. As people who buy these animals at the sale will then claim they are infertile, in hopes of getting a rebate or different bull, my fathers ethics and integrity has been tested many times. From what happened at the April 5th meeting I would have to say the ethics and integrity shown by Steve Johnson, Tom Donnelly and Larry Abrahamson, was tested and found to be lacking. As it seems that rather than listen to those who have claims of crimes involving the theft of money and the sexual abuse of a young girl, it is better to demean me and my father and mother, and support those who have been found to make false/fabricated statements, and even take legal advice from these same people (Linda Connors and George Hass). Yet Steve Johnson you have not displayed even close to the level of ethics and integrity that my father has displayed when dealing honestly with buyers at the Lasater Bull Sale, and how my father handles animal abuse cases, as animal abuse and child abuse, is the abuse of the living. Not that it matters that much, but when a person like Nolan Ryan, buys a bull and those collecting the bull say the animal is infertile, and my father was able to determine that the infertility is caused by plant toxins from Colorado and he is proven correct, I think that is a level of competence that Steve Johnson, Tom Donnelly or Larry Abrahamson have not displayed in the case of the theft of money and sexual abuse of my daughter.  I guess what I think shows the lack of leadership from all of you at the meeting on April 5th, is that after this meeting Steve Johnson and Tom Donnelly decided that it is still best to retain the services of Linda Connors and George Hass, for legal advice, that Steve Johnson sent an e-mail out that states the advice given by the Larimer County Attorneys is not the same as that given by the State of Colorado. As these same statements have been made to Steve Johnson and Tom Donnelly by Ginny Riley and Jim Drendel, they seem quite content to allow the corruption that exists at the Larimer County Attorneys Office and the Larimer County Department of Human Services to continue rather than fix the problem, by asking these people to resign. As for Larry Abrahamson, he should take the last two years of his term as DA to bring ethics and integrity back to the Office of the District Attorney. Can and will Larry Abrahamson do that????? Gregg Leverett       


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Corruption (what's new?) in Larimer County

Gregg Leverett:  larry abramson cannot bring any ethics back to that office because he is neck-deep in very widespread corruption.  They're all involved with ICLEI and have stolen a young child from his absolutely law-abiding Mother and given that child to an known abuser who "fathered" that child 9 or so years ago.  All of these filth have sworn an oath to the Constitution and they commit treason with every action they take and every word they utter.  They are destroying lives at an astounding pace. It sounds as though you've been on the receiving end of a lot of crime and corruption at the hands of all these filth in larimer county.  They will not stop until they are STOPPED.  I wish you well.
Truth, honesty, integrity, freedom and sovereignty NOW and always

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