Police kill dog during domestic disturbance call

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Officer shoots aggressive pit bull while responding to domestic disturbance By Robert Allen ♦ RobertAllen@coloradoan.com ♦ January 27, 2011 A woman let three officers into the residence, and after they entered a basement-level room, she opened the door to a bedroom where two dogs were secured. One dog came “charging out” aggressively, Volesky said. “They were fearful that he was going to attack or bite them,” she said. The dog’s co-owner, Priscilla Gutierrez, 30, was arrested on suspicion of assault and domestic violence. Her boyfriend was dog’s other owner. No officers or other people were injured in the incident.  Comment: Man, the amount of lead flying around in the Fort is getting thick. Is January going to be named target practice month. The real question is will these officers be investigated for animal abuse. I can think of many different ways to subdue a dog other than using it for target practice.


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Idiots in the Fort, LOL...

CatWhisperer wrote:
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There have been a lot of police shootings in Fort Collins

There are a lot of idiots in this town whose behavior leaves them no choice.

You're probably right in more respects than you think, LOL!

Can you honestly say that about the individual with the flashlight? How many 9mm magazines did they empty into him? Wasn't it three? Need more be said?
1/28/2011 7:06:04 AM

Fort Collins, CO, USA

There is something in the

There is something in the coffee and donuts at the station. Trigger happy cops!
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A false arrest to cover up a bad shoot?

So the story notes that "The dog’s co-owner, Priscilla Gutierrez, 30, was arrested on suspicion of assault and domestic violence." Who did Gutierrez allegedly assault? Is it because she defended the dog that was killed?

People think of their animals as their children. What would have done? Did police have a warrant or reasonable belief that a crime was being committed? I bet the answer to both is NO. And you wonder why the right wing wants us not to have arms. If you really want to understand, read the history of the last century...

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Are we and ours subhumans?

I'm getting more the take that we the people are "subhumans" to authorities (or to some of them) and it's OK to kill us, our pets, whatever. It's not. And it's going to change the interaction dynamic between the citizenry and the Fort Collins Police. Another shooting that could have happened otherwise.

What are they training you Fort Collins officers nowadays? That dog was doing what it was supposed to be doing. So the gist of this object lesson: DON'T LET THE POLICE IN UNLESS THEY HAVE A WARRANT. THEY ARE NOT HERE TO HELP YOU AND YOURS.

Fort Collins, CO, USA

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