Stacy Lynn Citation on Contempt Hearing Without Notice Served May 21, 2012

More Judicial Harassment for Stacy Lynne Stacy Lynne's hearing  at 10:00 am on May 21, 2012 turned into another example of judicial misconduct on the part of Judge Julie K. Field. Stacy was ordered to appear for a contempt hearing based on a "notice of hearing" filed by Judge Field.  However, after sitting in magistrate court for over an hour with her attorney, the presiding Judge Pannell discovered that Stacy had never been served for the contempt hearing. Apparently, a judge cannot file a "notice of hearing" without first "serving" papers to the defendant. Why was there no "service?" Why did a district court judge order Stacy to court  without complying with this legal procedure? And...why was Stacy ( with her attorney) forced to appear at an invalid hearing? Please sign the petition to 'Remove Judge Julie K. Field from the 8TH Judicial District Court:


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Blair, Gilmore club needs more members

I hope people see the petition link. There are many judges in the 8th Judicial District who need to removed from the bench and join the Club of disgraced judged that is currently made up on Blair and Gilmore.

Judge Julie Fields

Apparently Chief Judge Schapanski will not address concerns of prosecutorial misconduct by Judge Fields. She is a newly appointed judge (Jan 2010), but the public will have to wait for the 2013 election to weigh in on her abilities.  The normal "probationary" period is two years. Instead of voting on retention after 22 months, Judge Fields will have 38 months on the bench before evaluation. In the meantime, the Chief Judge absolves himself of responsibility for her performance lapses.  I am not in favor of retaining the Chief Judge either.

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