The Government, i.e., taxes, defence, take from the poor and give to the rich

Once again the US congress boggles my mind.  Here is the simple way to view our "two party" system, the Democrats want to cut the defence budget and put the money in humanitarian programs, the Republicans want to cut the humanitarian programs and put most of it in the defence budget.  The rest should go in the pockets of the rich in tax cuts.  If you make millions of dollars, you should be paying more taxes.  What we really need is to toss the IRS out the window and start from scratch, if you make 25,000 a year and are married with one or more children no taxes.  If you make 10 million a year, lots of taxes.  We need one system of taxation.  A flat percentage, adjusted somewhat those with children.  The less you make the less you pay.  No more crazy charts and weird deductions.  How about 5% of what you make, add a percentage for Social Security we could massively cut the federal budget by getting rid of the IRS.  Think of the savings there!  Republicans in my opinion come in one color, green.  People with money vote Republican.  Tell me how many poor people vote Republican, because I don't know any.  Personally one of my heroes in the 60's was a Republican, Barry Goldwater has got to be rolling in his grave if he has the stomach to watch his party now.   All they care about is their wallet.  And all both parties care about is getting reelected!


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