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Medical Marijuana Center 'Local Option' goes to the Fort Collins Voter

After a long session of citizen input, the Fort Collins City Council did the right thing and placed the Local Option with respect to Medical Marijuana Centers on the November 1 ballot. The voting came out 6-1 against direct banning (Troxell, YES) in favor of giving the question back to the voters. Citizen input was pretty much split evenly for vs. against.

The federal question was answered succulently by Councilman Horak, who 

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An encounter with a Coloradoan reporter during demonstration for parental rights

Today I had the great pleasure of personal discussion with none other than Robert Allen, on of the reporters on the Fort Collins Coloradoan's staff. Sadly, the encounter wasn't pleasurable to Mr. Allen, and he left in a huff. Apologies for whatever was said that pissed you off, and doubly sad that you happened to take out your notepad and start interviewing one of individuals least able to give you coherent discourse on the subject.

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Read between the lines with Julie Pfeifer and Poudre School District (8/12 - Resolved & Teaching Again!)

Another grave injustice is about to occur here in Fort Collins. When the Coloradoan broke the story, PSD recommends firing popular Webber teacher, I wondered if there was another chmo on the loose. But it was nothing like that. Now I don't know Julie from Jack, but I do read a lot. My first impression from all of the reports, was that this teacher did was being blown up way out of proportion, and they want her to board a rail-car. That was reinforced by the picture yesterday.

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DER SCHEIB, CENSORED AGAIN! - Finally under the RebirthManyTimes nom-de-guerre!

Interesting to what lengths the Coloradoan will go to censor my input to this topic, and the counter-measures that I have to deploy to negate that censorship. In the end, as it's their website, they will win, but I have to wonder about the weakness of the argument.

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DER SCHEIB, CENSORED AGAIN! - This time under PheonixRising, LOL

A friend of mine suggested reincarnation based avatar themes… So let it be written, so let it be done! This one was called PheonixRising (though I could easily take this personally, it's kind of funny actually. I have the tools and knowledge to be a hactivist, but choose not to harm something that the human race has never collectively had before: a near instantaneous cognitive nervous system analogous to the nervous system in a higher mammal)

I far digress, LOL… So the contest continues!

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DER SCHEIB, CENSORED AGAIN! - Under the BanMEOnceMore nom-de-guerre...

I guess they think at the Coloradoan that I will yeild. I won't because their banning of my comments is dispicable and why I started this site. We'll continue the struggle against the lie in Fort Collins for as long as it takes.

BanMEOnceMORE 7:39 PM on July 20, 2011

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DER SCHEIB, CENSORED AGAIN! - Under the RayMisspeaks nom-de-guerre...

We just can't let Ray Martinez and Justin Ritter have all the fun on the Coloradoan newspaper. Especially since some of the viewpoint is twisted. As apparently Concerned Fort Collins Citizens got the signature to place the petition on the ballot, it's time to educate the voter, like we did during the retention campaign for ex-Judges Jolene Blair and Terrence Gilmore. We create an account on the Coloradoan just for that purpose, to insure that the voter gets the truth. We haven't stooped to that point before, but the ends require the means here.

Petitioners in front of Ace Hardware

So, I went for a job interview down by the Ace hardware on East Harmony.  Three petitioners (2 men, 1 woman)  for the ballot issue of closing the dispensaries were sitting outside.  I was early so I sat outside about 10 feet away and listened to the lies they were telling people.  I heard them repeatedly telling people that since the dispensaries opened up, possession of marijuana crime has gone up 300%.  They are claiming that drug pushers are buying the marijuana at dispensaries and then selling it to teenagers.  This is crap, the drug pushers aren't goin

Another Letter to the (Coloradoan) Editor Lost in Cyberspace

Just a couple of stray thoughts on the Medical Marijuana Centers. First, Team Fort Collins is talking about medical marijuana being "distributed by clerks with no medical background." They are confusing doctors with clerks. It is the doctor, with the medical background, that makes the recommendation. Then the state charges a hefty sum of money so the patient is permitted to buy.
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Reefer Madness in Front of St. Josephs Church Downtown FTC

What is it with the gatherers of these petitions in Fort Collins and churches? Why is it that they aren't gathering signatures in regular places like other petition gatherers, at least on the West Side? And why is it that these individuals gathering signatures misinform?

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