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LOCAL SCUTTLEBUTT - Isn't it un-American to stand up to Judges in Court?

So I hear that the Honorable Magistrate John A. Jostad, in the Larimer County Court, has a problem with well, Honor. It seems that the Magistrate believes that people are required to stand when his august presence comes into the room. Recent scuttlebutt says that he got persnickety with some individuals in his courtroom who didn't stand. And was willing to call a guard to do precisely what? Force them to stand? Arrest them? If they didn't have contempt before that incident, I'm sure they did afterwards.

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DER SCHEIB, CENSORED AGAIN! - Do we really want to put library books on a Kindle?

Holly Carroll, executive director of the Poudre River Public Library District, in an opinion piece in the Coloradoan, Friday June 3, 2011, proposes that access to information is being endangered by the digital age. She's right. But there is a further issue that must be looked at beyond commercial profit assisting in the dumbing down of America.

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INTERNATIONAL BLOG - Chinese attacks nothing new...

The recently reported attacks on Google are nothing new. On this site alone, since December, I've logged hundreds of attacks, and hundreds of attacks on the testing server. On the testing server, they try to log in to the secure shell (ssh) via attacks on presumed accounts. On the website, they attempt to create bogus accounts whereby to post spam content. Most of these bogus accounts originate from the Gmail or Hotmail domains.

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When The Advertising Messes Up Your Site - PART II...

Today's coding faux pas is the King Soopers Balloons ad. Doesn't the developer have a testing server and check their work? This problem causes the area to the left of where the balloons come up to split at approximately 322 pixels from the left edge. So when you scroll, the screen splits right there, and the right goes up but the left doesn't, temporarily. If one refreshes the browser, that goes away.

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DER SCHEIB, CENSORED AGAIN! - Heavens Fest vs. Biker Fest...

The Fort Collins Coloradoan has a three page story which I didn't wish to quote in full, Heaven Fest may inject $200,000 into economy., by David Young. The salient quote, though, was:

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RIP Nikki Hound

May you rest in peace good friend, Nikki Hound

Go roll in the carcase wherever thou be, dear friend, you were always a Good Girl...

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INTERNATIONAL BLOG - Possible karmic justice in Hartley case...

Though we may not know for sure, we can always hope that the killers of David Hartley were bought to justice in a karmic way.

This was found on BBC. Surprising how sometimes the best news and most interesting news comes from overseas:


I hope that this time the so-called "birthers" will sit down and shut up.  But it is probably a vain hope.  These fools are a waste of air.  And I am sure that now they will simply say it was forged.  Or put in the system later or some such dumb ass idea.

The Government, i.e., taxes, defence, take from the poor and give to the rich

Once again the US congress boggles my mind.  Here is the simple way to view our "two party" system, the Democrats want to cut the defence budget and put the money in humanitarian programs, the Republicans want to cut the humanitarian programs and put most of it in the defence budget.  The rest should go in the pockets of the rich in tax cuts. 
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When The Advertising Messes Up Your Site...

What do you do when the interstitial blocks your users from reading your site? You're screwed. Unless it's intentional. In that event, you're wasting your bloody time on this viewer. There's text browsers, tor onion router, etc.

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