Ever read a book that really pissed you off?

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Sun, 04/21/2013 - 15:24

Note: Updated 11/25/2016

One of those that gets your blood boiling, your blood pressure and heartbeat up? If you have you know the feeling. I just finished reading through such a book. The name of the book is "Drawn to Injustice", by Timothy Masters with Steve Lehto. It's well worth whatever they charge for it.

Having done my share in removing Judges Blair and Gilmore in 2010, what gets me pissed is that I've personal experience with some of these individuals, and the shell game they play with both justice and truth. How many more perpetrations in Larimer County remain undiscovered? How many more innocents sent from this jurisdiction to DOC on false testimony, malfeasant prosecution, and with the help of the fantasies of statistical phrenologists? Innocents that just didn't have the luck of drawing a Maria Liu… You know, where there is smoke there is fire, and an iceberg only shows 10% of it's volume above the surface.

It irks that as you read, you find out that one of the main individuals who fought TOOTH and NAIL to prevent justice for Tim Masters after Maria Liu became involved was Cliff Riedel, who got 'elected' in our judicial district to District Attorney in 2012. 'Elected' in quotes because he ran unopposed (again unopposed in 2016… What is up with that?). What is wrong with this jurisdiction when many a good lawyer didn't want to have the position? How much money did Mr. Riedel cost the local taxpayer fighting every request that Maria Liu made, to the point where the Larimer County DA's office had to be removed from the case. Interesting that once the question got outside of the control of this jurisdiction, justice was served.

We hope that in the end, justice prevailed for Tim Masters. The money he was awarded may not recover the time lost in prison under a false conviction, but it will help in the future. However, for the People of the State of Colorado, the victim Peggy Hettrick, and her family, there is no justice. In the megalomania chase after Mr. Masters over the years, individuals who's duty it was to effectuate justice wound up perverting that justice, and got away with that perversion. Will the murdered of Peggy Hettrick ever be bought to justice? Probably not, and only the tolling of time will bring final justice to that individual.

The thought comes to mind that maybe there's a lot more swept under the rug in this jurisdiction. Maybe some of the intensity of the fight against Tim Master's release was that there was fear that the rug would eventually be lifted to expose the dirt underneath. We expectantly await the day when the rug gets pulled up so that the vermin and dirt gets cleaned up. Until then, continue to expect the status quo ante


The problems with the justice system are still with us to this day, and so called election of Cliff Riedel as District Attorney just continues the legacy of incompetence that was displayed in the Tim Masters case. What I find funny is that I have asked Cliff Riedel some questions about my case and others, that show the incompetence of Elliot Phelps in my case and others. What has been the response of the ethical Cliff Riedel? Silence and refusal to answer these questions. I guess he thought he could keep it out of court, but I have a civil case, where I will present evidence of three doctors perjuring themselves so Thomas Lynch could gain a position on the bench of the 8th JD much like Blair and Gilmore gained their positions. One has to wonder why Erin McElroy, Thomas Lynch and Elliot Phelps could gain an understanding of the information and know that perjury was used in the case. The dirt bags that were present in the District Attorney's office have only gained more experience as dirt bags. I hope there is a very big truck to take away the dirt under the rug because it may be a more than a couple of loads.

I found the book so interesting I donated a copy to the DA's Office. Maybe they sneak peaks in the bathroom.

As for Broderick's retirement on easy street, I'd question if anyone would agree to serve on a local grand jury  after that slap in the face (Ken Buck). His decision should have been left to a jury.

Disturbing that justice takes so long, if it ever comes. Usually it does not. Former Judge Gilmore didn't mind prosecutorial misconduct, perjury from witnesses, ineffective counsel,  or evidence tampering as he sat behind the bench either. And he's left a sad legacy of illegal and harsh sentences. Shame on Gilmore for many things, including his friendship with Dr. Hammond.

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