Petitioners in front of Ace Hardware

Submitted by murrvalus on Mon, 07/18/2011 - 19:42

So, I went for a job interview down by the Ace hardware on East Harmony.  Three petitioners (2 men, 1 woman)  for the ballot issue of closing the dispensaries were sitting outside.  I was early so I sat outside about 10 feet away and listened to the lies they were telling people.  I heard them repeatedly telling people that since the dispensaries opened up, possession of marijuana crime has gone up 300%.  They are claiming that drug pushers are buying the marijuana at dispensaries and then selling it to teenagers.  This is crap, the drug pushers aren't going to do this because it would kill their profit margin.  They are claiming that marijuana use among teenagers has risen.  I waited until after my interview to walk over and say something to them. 

I started by saying they were unthinking, uncaring and unfeeling.  They care only for their own views and not for the people who need the marijuana, especially those in chemo.  They replied they were not banning dispensaries only within Fort Collins city limits so people would only have to drive 3 or 4 miles farther (that would depend on where you live).  I said that obviously they had not had a loved one in the hospital with cancer that needed relief from the chemo.  You put in 30 hour days under these circumstances,  Driving just a little farther is just not feasible.  They also brought up Marinol, which I said doesn't work (and it doesn't).  I again called them unfeeling, uncaring and unthinking.  The woman especially got madder and madder, saying they were only trying to protect my grandchildren to which I replied that my children didn't need their help in protecting their children. 

The conversation went on for a few minutes and the woman got angrier and angrier.  Finally the last time I called them unfeeling, unthinking and uncaring, she was furious and her voice was raised.  She told me I just didn't understand and she did too care.  I figured it was good time to walk off, my good deed of the day was done.

I only saw 1 person sign in the 45 minutes I watched.  Most just shook their heads and kept walking, or told them the voters legalized it, leave it be.

They did say that today was the last day, so I suppose we can be grateful for that.  I truly hope that the people of Fort Collins can see past these out and out lies and exaggerations.

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