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I hope that this time the so-called "birthers" will sit down and shut up.  But it is probably a vain hope.  These fools are a waste of air.  And I am sure that now they will simply say it was forged.  Or put in the system later or some such dumb ass idea.

Obama is right, it is time for the silliness to end.  This country has major issues to be resolved and for the Republican Party to continue to do this is just ludicrous.  And it is the Republican Party, when two of their so-called front runners for next year are talking about it, it is a party platform.  Of course, if  I had to chose between Palin and Trump for president, I would prefer to move to another country.



I have to agree with you that the issue is not worth pursuing. But at the same time what was so secretive about the birth certificate, not to produce it. I do not think either side acted well over this whole thing. When Obama was asked to produce a birth certificate, and he did not. That raises it own set of questions. Then when most of the Republicans said they were happy with whatever had been produced before. The reason this debate continued was because Obama would not produce a document that most of can get in about five minutes if at home. I think the blame lies with everybody in the argument.  

Actually he did produce it, way back before he was a front runner for president.  It was the short form, the one that we all have copies of.  I pulled it up and looked at on the Internet back when the Republican dumbasses first brought it up.  He wasn't secretive, no one else was asked to produce theirs.  If he was the only one asked to produce it, to me that makes it a racial issue, would they have questioned his nation of birth had his father been French.  No.

I would hope that if his father had been French, that he would have been prevented from even being considered to run for office. I think that being French would have been a very serious liability. Then again I have spent to much time in France recently. But being French would explain the push for social programs. They are failing in France, and the rest of Europe, but we need to do the same????

I always found it surprising that the issue was even bought up in the last election. Constitutionally, the candidate that had a definite, obvious problem was the Republican candidate, Senator McCain, not then Congressman Obama. Think about it honestly, and not via right-think. McCain was born on a military base in the Panama Canal, thereby making him ineligible for the presidency. That's a plain fact. Sad too, because if anybody in the Senate has earned the privilege to lead this country, it would be Senator McCain, for his outstanding service to this nation.

What we all have to watch out for is Republican political-transference. Political-transference is where one party takes the issues created by itself or problems it itself has, and re-directs it to the other party. The example here is that though the actual constitutional problem occurred with McCain, the Republicans transferred it to Obama; at the same time mostly keeping McCain's constitutional problem obfuscated, apparently with a willingly complicit media.

Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution reads:
No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of president; …

There is precedent from the 19th century, where some of the presidents were from the Territories rather than one of the States. But the legal question becomes one of sovereignty. If Senator McCain has been born at the US Embassy in Panama there would be no issue. The US Embassy there is sovereign territory. However, a US military base is not. A US military base in a foreign country is there by invitation, usually, unless we happen to be at war with that country. Hence if born on such military base, that makes one a citizen of the country wherein that base resides, unless treaty dictates otherwise. But it DOES NOT make you a natural born citizen. Unless the Constitution changes…

So why does the right wing keep wasting our collective time with this nonsense?

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