Is there a reporter on staff?

Submitted by murrvalus on Tue, 06/21/2011 - 15:39

Has anyone else been following the story of the young man on the Frontier flight from Dallas to Denver that was removed because the pilot thought it was unsafe (not clear to who) to fly with him on board?  If you will notice in the many articles on the Internet, he is from Fort Collins.  Nice of the Coloradoan to do a story.  Ya gotta wonder if there is still one real reporter on staff.  I know for sure there is no proofreader, so maybe they did the same with the reporters. 


I saw him on the trail taking photographs on the river one day that I was. I think it was Trevor Hughes. His camera was an iPad it looked like. I'll eventually post the pictures from that day in Poudre River Rising 2011. But a lot of the content does make you wonder. Too much reliance on feeds and syndicated content, IMHO.

Questions that need to be answered that could provide story line:

  • What is the status of the Broderick case.
  • Who did the drive-by downtown.
  • What was the cause of Brian Dean Porters death at LCDC.
  • And the death of the 25 year old before that.
  • Where is the new LDS temple going up.
  • so on and so forth…

I'm sure that if everybody got their own list and sent it in to Bob Moore, they would need to start hiring reporters to cover the possible stories and angles thereof.

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