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As I watch the unfolding of revolutionary change in Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt, I wonder when the dictators around the world will figure out that in the 21st century, keeping the populace living in fear and ignorance is coming to an end.  A college professor of mine asked a question during a lecture, "What is the most important element needed by a populace to have democracy?"  Answer - an educated populace, and in my opinion, the second most important component is communication.  In today's world, planet wide communication is available in all countries.  Not perhaps to all people, but in all countries.  What began in Tunisia spread to Egypt, and now Jordan.  With mass communication, it will be harder and harder for dictators to maintain what is needed most to maintain power, ignorance. 

Death to ignorance means a birth of democracy.  Democracy is not perfect, no government is, but it remains the best we have. 

A heartfelt salute to those protestors in Egypt, may you step forward into a better future!


From what they are protesting about the lack of jobs and opportunity, it may not be that long before this country is rioting much like they are Tunisia and Egypt. If Obama does not bring some real changes to the over-regulation of business I feel that we are not far behind.

For example, my mother was telling me of eye ointment that cost $3.00 a tube and about three different companies manufactured it. The Obama Administration came in and made regulations on the size of the tube, then made other regulations on the length and diameter of the end of the tube where the ointment comes out of the tube. Now there is only one company manufacturing this ointment and they are charging $28.00 for a tube that holds half as much as the one that cost $3.00.

If you think about this, Obama Care does the same thing for the creation of jobs. As Ed Schultz of MSNBC always rants about creating jobs for Americans. Think of this for a minute. The government is going to increase the regulations for complying with providing health care to employees. This same company can set up shop in many different countries and pay half the wage they do here, and they do not have provide any health insurance. If you owned the company what would you do? So we may not be that far behind having riots like Tunisia and Egypt, and for the same reasons.

I have finally gotten on board of Obama's slogan Hope and Change. 

I Hope we Change presidents 

On this topic, try buying your medications out of country by mail-order.

Upside: They cost pennies on the dollar, so you can afford them (rather than die) even if you don't have The Obama's soon to be mandated insurance.

Upside: They are made by the same generic drug compounder that supply your local Walgreens, so you know they are safe.

Downside: Depending on the medication, buying prescription meds on the Internet is a 3rd or 4th degree felony that could put you in a Colorado prison for 12 years.

Thank God we live in a "free" country!

You betcha, she's hoping we change presidents too. Do you really want to go there Gregg? Could you imagine the Office of POTUS filled by Sarah Palin?

I'd watch out what you wish for Gregg, LOL


I am not saying that I want Sarah, I am just saying I want someone who will place the economy above some social agenda (like Health Care). The economy needs jobs!!! Obama creates a need for health care as most people have health care from jobs. No jobs no health care, manufactured emergency. Why, Obama did not work on jobs for the past two years, then health care? Now it is being fought in court by 26 States. What a waste of two years. Now the Egypt thing, oil prices going up, in the middle of a depression. Obama could have done a lot better for America, with the creation of jobs then work on the social agenda. IMHO.

Yes, he could and should have done a lot better.

The needed healthcare reform was botched and as it stands is a fiasco. 

We are still mired in two wars we can not afford.  There are more cameras on every street corner across major US cities.  The patriot act is still in place.

Large multinational corporations with allegiances to nothing except their own greed still get tax breaks as they outsource jobs.  And you can't blame them, as they don't know what the tax laws will be the day after tomorrow.

Companies like Corrections Inc. still lobby for mandatory minimums for minor drug offenses, and are successful; and the Feds are still busting MMJ grows, contrary to Obama's directives.

In the last election the Libertarians ran a turn-coat crackpot, Barr, who a few years earlier wanted to criminalize everything from pot to porn.

I hope 2012 will provide us with a better Libertarian candidate.

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