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These are entries from Valeda Murr's Blog on the old site that I've decided to resurrect for posterity. I knew Valeda for a long time, well over thirty years. So this is a memorial to her. She is missed and I hope to see her in the afterlife so that I can again enjoy her sarcastic humor, constant wit, and loving presence.

Valeda Murr

Petitioners in front of Ace Hardware

Petitioners in front of Ace Hardware murrvalus Mon, 07/18/2011 - 19:42

So, I went for a job interview down by the Ace hardware on East Harmony.  Three petitioners (2 men, 1 woman)  for the ballot issue of closing the dispensaries were sitting outside.  I was early so I sat outside about 10 feet away and listened to the lies they were telling people.  I heard them repeatedly telling people that since the dispensaries opened up, possession of marijuana crime has gone up 300%.  They are claiming that drug pushers are buying the marijuana at dispensaries and then selling it to teenagers.  This is crap, the drug pushers aren't going to do this because it would kill their profit margin.  They are claiming that marijuana use among teenagers has risen.  I waited until after my interview to walk over and say something to them. 

I started by saying they were unthinking, uncaring and unfeeling.  They care only for their own views and not for the people who need the marijuana, especially those in chemo.  They replied they were not banning dispensaries only within Fort Collins city limits so people would only have to drive 3 or 4 miles farther (that would depend on where you live).  I said that obviously they had not had a loved one in the hospital with cancer that needed relief from the chemo.  You put in 30 hour days under these circumstances,  Driving just a little farther is just not feasible.  They also brought up Marinol, which I said doesn't work (and it doesn't).  I again called them unfeeling, uncaring and unthinking.  The woman especially got madder and madder, saying they were only trying to protect my grandchildren to which I replied that my children didn't need their help in protecting their children. 

The conversation went on for a few minutes and the woman got angrier and angrier.  Finally the last time I called them unfeeling, unthinking and uncaring, she was furious and her voice was raised.  She told me I just didn't understand and she did too care.  I figured it was good time to walk off, my good deed of the day was done.

I only saw 1 person sign in the 45 minutes I watched.  Most just shook their heads and kept walking, or told them the voters legalized it, leave it be.

They did say that today was the last day, so I suppose we can be grateful for that.  I truly hope that the people of Fort Collins can see past these out and out lies and exaggerations.

Is there a reporter on staff?

Is there a reporter on staff? murrvalus Tue, 06/21/2011 - 15:39

Has anyone else been following the story of the young man on the Frontier flight from Dallas to Denver that was removed because the pilot thought it was unsafe (not clear to who) to fly with him on board?  If you will notice in the many articles on the Internet, he is from Fort Collins.  Nice of the Coloradoan to do a story.  Ya gotta wonder if there is still one real reporter on staff.  I know for sure there is no proofreader, so maybe they did the same with the reporters. 


I saw him on the trail taking photographs on the river one day that I was. I think it was Trevor Hughes. His camera was an iPad it looked like. I'll eventually post the pictures from that day in Poudre River Rising 2011. But a lot of the content does make you wonder. Too much reliance on feeds and syndicated content, IMHO.

Questions that need to be answered that could provide story line:

  • What is the status of the Broderick case.
  • Who did the drive-by downtown.
  • What was the cause of Brian Dean Porters death at LCDC.
  • And the death of the 25 year old before that.
  • Where is the new LDS temple going up.
  • so on and so forth…

I'm sure that if everybody got their own list and sent it in to Bob Moore, they would need to start hiring reporters to cover the possible stories and angles thereof.


Politics murrvalus Wed, 04/27/2011 - 18:05

I hope that this time the so-called "birthers" will sit down and shut up.  But it is probably a vain hope.  These fools are a waste of air.  And I am sure that now they will simply say it was forged.  Or put in the system later or some such dumb ass idea.

Obama is right, it is time for the silliness to end.  This country has major issues to be resolved and for the Republican Party to continue to do this is just ludicrous.  And it is the Republican Party, when two of their so-called front runners for next year are talking about it, it is a party platform.  Of course, if  I had to chose between Palin and Trump for president, I would prefer to move to another country.



I have to agree with you that the issue is not worth pursuing. But at the same time what was so secretive about the birth certificate, not to produce it. I do not think either side acted well over this whole thing. When Obama was asked to produce a birth certificate, and he did not. That raises it own set of questions. Then when most of the Republicans said they were happy with whatever had been produced before. The reason this debate continued was because Obama would not produce a document that most of can get in about five minutes if at home. I think the blame lies with everybody in the argument.  

Actually he did produce it, way back before he was a front runner for president.  It was the short form, the one that we all have copies of.  I pulled it up and looked at on the Internet back when the Republican dumbasses first brought it up.  He wasn't secretive, no one else was asked to produce theirs.  If he was the only one asked to produce it, to me that makes it a racial issue, would they have questioned his nation of birth had his father been French.  No.

I would hope that if his father had been French, that he would have been prevented from even being considered to run for office. I think that being French would have been a very serious liability. Then again I have spent to much time in France recently. But being French would explain the push for social programs. They are failing in France, and the rest of Europe, but we need to do the same????

I always found it surprising that the issue was even bought up in the last election. Constitutionally, the candidate that had a definite, obvious problem was the Republican candidate, Senator McCain, not then Congressman Obama. Think about it honestly, and not via right-think. McCain was born on a military base in the Panama Canal, thereby making him ineligible for the presidency. That's a plain fact. Sad too, because if anybody in the Senate has earned the privilege to lead this country, it would be Senator McCain, for his outstanding service to this nation.

What we all have to watch out for is Republican political-transference. Political-transference is where one party takes the issues created by itself or problems it itself has, and re-directs it to the other party. The example here is that though the actual constitutional problem occurred with McCain, the Republicans transferred it to Obama; at the same time mostly keeping McCain's constitutional problem obfuscated, apparently with a willingly complicit media.

Article II, Section 1 of the United States Constitution reads:
No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of president; …

There is precedent from the 19th century, where some of the presidents were from the Territories rather than one of the States. But the legal question becomes one of sovereignty. If Senator McCain has been born at the US Embassy in Panama there would be no issue. The US Embassy there is sovereign territory. However, a US military base is not. A US military base in a foreign country is there by invitation, usually, unless we happen to be at war with that country. Hence if born on such military base, that makes one a citizen of the country wherein that base resides, unless treaty dictates otherwise. But it DOES NOT make you a natural born citizen. Unless the Constitution changes…

So why does the right wing keep wasting our collective time with this nonsense?

The Government, i.e., taxes, defense, take from the poor and give to the rich

The Government, i.e., taxes, defense, take from the poor and give to the rich murrvalus Sun, 04/24/2011 - 18:59

Once again the US congress boggles my mind.  Here is the simple way to view our "two party" system, the Democrats want to cut the defence budget and put the money in humanitarian programs, the Republicans want to cut the humanitarian programs and put most of it in the defence budget.  The rest should go in the pockets of the rich in tax cuts. 

If you make millions of dollars, you should be paying more taxes.  What we really need is to toss the IRS out the window and start from scratch, if you make 25,000 a year and are married with one or more children no taxes.  If you make 10 million a year, lots of taxes.  We need one system of taxation.  A flat percentage, adjusted somewhat those with children.  The less you make the less you pay.  No more crazy charts and weird deductions.  How about 5% of what you make, add a percentage for Social Security we could massively cut the federal budget by getting rid of the IRS.  Think of the savings there! 

Republicans in my opinion come in one color, green.  People with money vote Republican.  Tell me how many poor people vote Republican, because I don't know any.  Personally one of my heroes in the 60's was a Republican, Barry Goldwater has got to be rolling in his grave if he has the stomach to watch his party now.   All they care about is their wallet. 

And all both parties care about is getting reelected!

Lack of snow removal

Lack of snow removal murrvalus Wed, 02/09/2011 - 21:31

Aren't businesses and homeowners supposed to remove the snow from their sidewalks within 24 hours after it has snowed?  I live in the vicinity of LaPorte and Shields.  Apparently the home and business owners in this area are exempt from the ordinance.  Because at least half haven't lifted a shovel all winter.  I guess if you wait long enough the snow will melt on it's own.  There is an apartment complex at the corner of LaPorte and Sheilds and its sidewalks are treacherous.  I don't think they have done a thing to remove the snow all winter.

These sidewalks are a hazard.  So take some time and clear your walks.


But if you get injured walking to and fro on your daily business, you have good grounds for getting some money. But that sucks, and people should just get it shoveled. But it is a landlord and management company responsibility, not the responsibility of the tenants.

That's why it doesn't get done, and may not be enforceable as a clause in a lease.


Revolution murrvalus Tue, 02/01/2011 - 20:29

As I watch the unfolding of revolutionary change in Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt, I wonder when the dictators around the world will figure out that in the 21st century, keeping the populace living in fear and ignorance is coming to an end.  A college professor of mine asked a question during a lecture, "What is the most important element needed by a populace to have democracy?"  Answer - an educated populace, and in my opinion, the second most important component is communication.  In today's world, planet wide communication is available in all countries.  Not perhaps to all people, but in all countries.  What began in Tunisia spread to Egypt, and now Jordan.  With mass communication, it will be harder and harder for dictators to maintain what is needed most to maintain power, ignorance. 

Death to ignorance means a birth of democracy.  Democracy is not perfect, no government is, but it remains the best we have. 

A heartfelt salute to those protestors in Egypt, may you step forward into a better future!


From what they are protesting about the lack of jobs and opportunity, it may not be that long before this country is rioting much like they are Tunisia and Egypt. If Obama does not bring some real changes to the over-regulation of business I feel that we are not far behind.

For example, my mother was telling me of eye ointment that cost $3.00 a tube and about three different companies manufactured it. The Obama Administration came in and made regulations on the size of the tube, then made other regulations on the length and diameter of the end of the tube where the ointment comes out of the tube. Now there is only one company manufacturing this ointment and they are charging $28.00 for a tube that holds half as much as the one that cost $3.00.

If you think about this, Obama Care does the same thing for the creation of jobs. As Ed Schultz of MSNBC always rants about creating jobs for Americans. Think of this for a minute. The government is going to increase the regulations for complying with providing health care to employees. This same company can set up shop in many different countries and pay half the wage they do here, and they do not have provide any health insurance. If you owned the company what would you do? So we may not be that far behind having riots like Tunisia and Egypt, and for the same reasons.

I have finally gotten on board of Obama's slogan Hope and Change. 

I Hope we Change presidents 

On this topic, try buying your medications out of country by mail-order.

Upside: They cost pennies on the dollar, so you can afford them (rather than die) even if you don't have The Obama's soon to be mandated insurance.

Upside: They are made by the same generic drug compounder that supply your local Walgreens, so you know they are safe.

Downside: Depending on the medication, buying prescription meds on the Internet is a 3rd or 4th degree felony that could put you in a Colorado prison for 12 years.

Thank God we live in a "free" country!

You betcha, she's hoping we change presidents too. Do you really want to go there Gregg? Could you imagine the Office of POTUS filled by Sarah Palin?

I'd watch out what you wish for Gregg, LOL


I am not saying that I want Sarah, I am just saying I want someone who will place the economy above some social agenda (like Health Care). The economy needs jobs!!! Obama creates a need for health care as most people have health care from jobs. No jobs no health care, manufactured emergency. Why, Obama did not work on jobs for the past two years, then health care? Now it is being fought in court by 26 States. What a waste of two years. Now the Egypt thing, oil prices going up, in the middle of a depression. Obama could have done a lot better for America, with the creation of jobs then work on the social agenda. IMHO.

Yes, he could and should have done a lot better.

The needed healthcare reform was botched and as it stands is a fiasco. 

We are still mired in two wars we can not afford.  There are more cameras on every street corner across major US cities.  The patriot act is still in place.

Large multinational corporations with allegiances to nothing except their own greed still get tax breaks as they outsource jobs.  And you can't blame them, as they don't know what the tax laws will be the day after tomorrow.

Companies like Corrections Inc. still lobby for mandatory minimums for minor drug offenses, and are successful; and the Feds are still busting MMJ grows, contrary to Obama's directives.

In the last election the Libertarians ran a turn-coat crackpot, Barr, who a few years earlier wanted to criminalize everything from pot to porn.

I hope 2012 will provide us with a better Libertarian candidate.

A new decade begins

A new decade begins murrvalus Fri, 12/31/2010 - 12:40

And so begins a new decade, for me it begins with high hopes.  A new start in Ft. Collins, a new job, my son newly married and expecting the end of May.  My daughter and her family returned from three years in Germany.

I also lost an uncle this year, one of the penalties of getting older, and a high school friend to cancer.

I am grateful for all the good things in my life and chose to put aside the bad and look forward to a new year and a new decade with a positive outlook.  Remember to try and make someone else smile every day, this was something my late husband did, and it does send positive energy back to you.  Say please and thank you.  Tell those you love, that you love them often.  Be kind to the planet, it is the only one we have.  Be safe and have a great new year!

Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech murrvalus Tue, 12/07/2010 - 08:26

At last an intelligent way to battle censorship. As long as the Coloradoan sees fit to ban those whose viewpoint they don't like, may there always be ways to sail around it.


Why Selection of Judges is Important

I would like to comment on the recent appointment of the two new judges. I am so glad that no candidates from the Larimer County DA's Office, and the Larimer County Attorneys Office made it past the selection committee. As none of the candidates presented to Gov. Ritter were from these offices. I think that the selection process worked, and that the selection committee did listen to those who called in and expressed concern about past actions that they have experienced from the work that was done by both the District Attorney (DA) and Larimer County Attorney personnel. The Fort Collins Coloradoan, has been deleting many comments about this from the public comment section.

From the experience that I have had with both the DA's and Larimer County Attorneys offices, I feel that future judges should not be appointed from either of these offices. First after Elliot Phelps, Special Investigator for the 8th Judicial District, investigated and determined that Linda Connors (Larimer County Attorney) and Angela Mead and Susan Kaul (Department of Human Services) made false statements in child abuse case, but found that these statements were not material.

The question becomes, do the citizens of Larimer County want to appoint a judge from a pool of applicants that are willing to make false statement in a child abuse case (Larimer County Attorneys Office)? Or, do the citizens of Larimer County want to appoint a judge from a pool of applicants that are willing to use the testimony from a source that their own investigator determined will make false statements in a child abuse case (Larimer County District Attorneys Office)?    

I have to add that from personal experience from the work of David Vandenberg and Andy Lewis that these are also two individuals that should not ever be considered for appointments to the bench. Work that is done by Renee Doak should also prevent her from being appointed for a position on the bench. the use of false and fabricated evidence should never be the end result of any criminal investigation. David Vandenberg, Andy Lewis and Renee Doak have all demonstrated that this in fact an acceptable practice and thus they should never be recommended for appointments to the bench in Larimer County, or any other county or state.

I for one would not like to see any appointments come from either of these offices, as the actions in my case and from others that I have heard about that involve DHS have shown that the truth is not the goal of the DA's Office. I will not go into the Tim Master's case. Citizens in Larimer County deserve to have judges appointed that have demonstrated that the truth is the most important commodity in the legal system. Up to this point this has not been demonstrated by those who are currently employed in the Larimer County District Attorneys Office nor is the truth important to those employed by the Larimer County Attorneys Office.

Why the Larimer County Board of Commissioners accepts all of these problems that are being generated by County employees from the Larimer County Department of Human Services (DHS) is hard to understand. The only explanation is that as DHS is funded by federal grants, that the county is willing to allow and hide these criminal acts to continue to receive the funding source for the county. While this money should be used for the intended purpose, of helping the less fortunate, not being diverted to the Sheriffs Department.   

One thing that should make one question the current motives of those employed in these positions that uphold our legal system, is that not one person from either of these offices joined the effort that citizens of Larimer County ultimately decided with their votes that the Larimer County Justice system is broken. Not one person stood with those who worked to bring about the votes that showed the door to Blair and Gilmore. The citizens of Larimer County should ask themselves why not one of the current employees of the county judicial system participated in the effort of the citizens to help bring about a better justice system in Larimer County?


Gregg Leverett