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Freedom of Speech murrvalus Tue, 12/07/2010 - 08:26

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Why Selection of Judges is Important

I would like to comment on the recent appointment of the two new judges. I am so glad that no candidates from the Larimer County DA's Office, and the Larimer County Attorneys Office made it past the selection committee. As none of the candidates presented to Gov. Ritter were from these offices. I think that the selection process worked, and that the selection committee did listen to those who called in and expressed concern about past actions that they have experienced from the work that was done by both the District Attorney (DA) and Larimer County Attorney personnel. The Fort Collins Coloradoan, has been deleting many comments about this from the public comment section.

From the experience that I have had with both the DA's and Larimer County Attorneys offices, I feel that future judges should not be appointed from either of these offices. First after Elliot Phelps, Special Investigator for the 8th Judicial District, investigated and determined that Linda Connors (Larimer County Attorney) and Angela Mead and Susan Kaul (Department of Human Services) made false statements in child abuse case, but found that these statements were not material.

The question becomes, do the citizens of Larimer County want to appoint a judge from a pool of applicants that are willing to make false statement in a child abuse case (Larimer County Attorneys Office)? Or, do the citizens of Larimer County want to appoint a judge from a pool of applicants that are willing to use the testimony from a source that their own investigator determined will make false statements in a child abuse case (Larimer County District Attorneys Office)?    

I have to add that from personal experience from the work of David Vandenberg and Andy Lewis that these are also two individuals that should not ever be considered for appointments to the bench. Work that is done by Renee Doak should also prevent her from being appointed for a position on the bench. the use of false and fabricated evidence should never be the end result of any criminal investigation. David Vandenberg, Andy Lewis and Renee Doak have all demonstrated that this in fact an acceptable practice and thus they should never be recommended for appointments to the bench in Larimer County, or any other county or state.

I for one would not like to see any appointments come from either of these offices, as the actions in my case and from others that I have heard about that involve DHS have shown that the truth is not the goal of the DA's Office. I will not go into the Tim Master's case. Citizens in Larimer County deserve to have judges appointed that have demonstrated that the truth is the most important commodity in the legal system. Up to this point this has not been demonstrated by those who are currently employed in the Larimer County District Attorneys Office nor is the truth important to those employed by the Larimer County Attorneys Office.

Why the Larimer County Board of Commissioners accepts all of these problems that are being generated by County employees from the Larimer County Department of Human Services (DHS) is hard to understand. The only explanation is that as DHS is funded by federal grants, that the county is willing to allow and hide these criminal acts to continue to receive the funding source for the county. While this money should be used for the intended purpose, of helping the less fortunate, not being diverted to the Sheriffs Department.   

One thing that should make one question the current motives of those employed in these positions that uphold our legal system, is that not one person from either of these offices joined the effort that citizens of Larimer County ultimately decided with their votes that the Larimer County Justice system is broken. Not one person stood with those who worked to bring about the votes that showed the door to Blair and Gilmore. The citizens of Larimer County should ask themselves why not one of the current employees of the county judicial system participated in the effort of the citizens to help bring about a better justice system in Larimer County?


Gregg Leverett