Larimer County Corruption

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This is a new book section starting on corruption in Larimer County. As time goes by, we hope to bring you reports of the latest mainstream media censored information on alleged corruption discovered in Larimer County, Colorado by the citizens living there.

We hope to make the perpetrators nervous due to possible exposure and prosecution. We hope to stop such perpetration of corruption and injustice, though we do believe that the system may be damaged beyond repair.

If you know of such corruption here in Larimer County, please create an account and post here. Sadly, this site can't be opened to anonymous posters due to spamming and hacking attempts. We look forward to reading your posts on this important topic.

A Feburary Homicide - or - Is Prosecution Here Based on What Faith You Have

On February 24, 2012 an individual was stabbed to death in Fort Collins. Allegedly by his brother. The names of the decedent was Andrew Evans, and the alleged assailant was Bryce David Evans. I bring this topic up because of the issue of equal justice for all in Larimer County.

I wrote the Denver Post about this last Sunday (April 22, see list at end of story). No response has been received. The stories are (downloaded and archived for posterity):
Possible murder charges in stabbing death
Fort Collins man allegedly stabbed by brother dies
News Release February 23. 2012 Fort Collins Stabbing

It is very strange that over two months down the road no apparent prosecution has occurred, the case has been sealed, the coroner is mum, and no further details have been released. Now contrast this with the case of Terrance Wilson, who was convicted of negligent homicide and second-degree assault on January 19, 2012. Or as opposed to the lady that justifiably shot her boyfriend in west Loveland, in which case the DA's office regularly updated the media, indicating that the investigation was ongoing.

On March 2, 2012, the Coloradoan reported that bond had been reduced for the alleged perpetrator. How often does that occur in a homicide case in Larimer County? I can't recall ever hearing of that, in over a decade of living here. Murder, BTW, is one of the only “no bond” offenses one can be accused of.

The faith question is bought about by the original Coloradoan story, where much was made of the fact that Bryce Evans had a dad that was “well-respected” in the Mormon community in Fort Collins. First off, that had NO bearing on the report, but the Coloradoan ran with it, in a very unusual way. Or is there something we are not seeing. Was the homicide based on something related to the Mormon faith that could be very embarrassing? Some transgression of their tenants resulting in blood atonement? I'm not trying to piss people off here, but one does have to wonder due to the lack of information and the current top Republican presidential candidate and how the lack of information relates thereof.

Religious affiliation has not been mentioned in ANY other alleged assault, stabbing, or homicide in Fort Collins. This story is not present on the Coloradoan website accessible to the public. But interested individuals have blogged the story. Here is a partial quote of what the Coloradoan wrote February 25, 2012:

A Fort Collins man faces a murder charge after his brother died late Friday afternoon from stab wounds to the heart.

Andrew Evans, 28, was found bleeding heavily from two stab wounds in the entryway of River Glenn Apartments shortly after midnight Thursday. He was transported to Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland where he died.

His brother, Bryce David Evans, 25, was arrested at the hospital at 4 p.m. Friday on suspicion of attempted murder. Following Andrew Evans’ death, the booking charges have been changed to second-degree murder. …

The Evans are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Fort Collins, and people in the community are “hurting” to hear of the incident, said Melanee Van Ee-Mortensen, a fellow church member.

She said the brothers’ father, Dr. Gary Evans is a local dentist who’s well-respected in the church and local community.

“You won’t meet a nicer set of people,” she said. …
Man faces murder charge after brother dies from stabbing”, February 25, 2012

Most concerning. Especially to those of us who have been fully prosecuted to the maximum extent possible for the most minimal incident, or who have had charges fabricated when there was nothing to prosecute. Folks, the system can't hide things like this, anymore that it can hide the perpetration in the case of Stacy Lynne.

We'll keep you posted as information becomes available…

Here's the individuals I originally contacted on this story:

Email Sent:

CC'd Fort Collins Coloradoan via their online contact form.

Good Morning,

I'm very concerned that a murderer in Fort Collins isn't being prosecuted publically because of his religious affiliation. The Denver Post has reported on it at

What is going on with that case? There have been no updates, which is very unusual. The Coloradoan, up here in Fort Collins, mentioned his religious affiliation as being Mormon. and that his dad was high up in the local Stake. Please pull up that story and see what was said there. Homicides make big news here in the Fort because they don't happen often. But this one seems to have disappeared off of the face of the earth.

The public needs to know what the status of the Bryce Evans case, just like we do with every other homicide case here. I'll wait for your response, and then start carrying it on my own site, Justice for all means just that folks, and people like myself are watching to insure that Lady Justice is served.

While you're at it, maybe you should also investigate the Stacy Lynne case up here in the Fort for unfounded retaliatory proceedings...

CSU in the news LOL - Prosecution by the numbers...

I almost wanted to add humorous to the category of this post, except that it isn't funny in the least. Prosecution by the numbers, as in football uniform number. It is humorous in a way, because CSU wanted to be on the national stage. I believe CSU could be on the national stage in a big way with this

We do have to give them reasonable time to investigate. That's a given. But we also have to be very vigilant around here. And given that we get accused of being "black helicopterers", "tin hatters", oh, and my favorite "sovereign citizen". Sovereign citizenship, AKA renunciation of citizenship is an impossibility, and a spurious accusation, unless one goes offshore and renounces citizenship. We have to be especially vigilant here, LOL.

As an application of the discretionary power of the DA to decide on what to charge, all I can do is roll my eyes, with respect to the initial altercation. However, with the added drug component, that creates totally different dimension to the DA's discretionary power. Lets not discuss MJ because that is a petty offense in this neck of the woods. The 'roids, though, are “very” illegal. To quote the Loveland Reporter Herald:

Anabolic steroids are considered a Schedule 3 drug in the state of Colorado, and the possession of them is a Class 4 felony offense, with a first offense punishable by two to six years in prison and fines of $2,000-$500,000.

So lets see what the lab says as to what's in the vials, right. Justice for "all", and innocent until proven guilty, always…


[Modified 5/1/2012] - added list format, items 4, 5.  Some sites drop their stories off after a week or so, such as the Coloradoan. Archive news stories for posterity as necessary.

Dave Hodges Show - Stacy Lynne Interview with Dave Hodges Sunday

Stacy Lynne Interview with Dave Hodges Sunday, April 22, 9:00pm Mountain Time

Tune in Sundays to the Dave Hodges Show, 8:00PM to 11:00PM, Mountain Time. The Dave Hodges Show, hosted by the Republic Broadcasting Network, The show is streaming radio, available in MP2 and html (browser) formats. Link up from the links in the right column, "LISTEN LIVE Audio Streams".

Here's couple of  interesting emails that I received on the subject today:

“...  The fact  is that someone is taking down web pages that Dave Hodges has posted links to,  when they were available just a short time ago should lead us to believe:

  1. We are hitting VERY CLOSE to home.
  2. We are being effective in getting information out. 
  3. Somebody doesn't want the truth to get out. 

I wonder why. Thank you to everyone who refuses to give up on Stacy and Jaden."

"Just a reminder that Dave Hodges will interview Stacy Lynne on this week's Sunday evening broadcast in the 9:00pm segment of the show which airs from 8:00 to 11:00 Mountain.

There is more breaking news on this story - a lot more!  This story has the potential to expose more government corruption than Watergate.

We know that the perpetrators are scared of this story coming to light.  Read Dave's News With Views article at the link below and you will see that most of the linked website information has been taken down; about 23 links which were active just 5 days ago.

Don't miss it and please send this to everyone on your email list.  This isn't just a Colorado issue.  This affects the entire nation.

Listen to the show here:

See Dave Hodges' extensive website on Agenda 21 and much more here:

Read Dave's News With Views article on Stacy Lynne here:

Ever read a book that really pissed you off?

One of those that gets your blood boiling, your blood pressure and heartbeat up? If you have you know the feeling. I just finished reading through such a book. The name of the book is "Drawn to Injustice", by Timothy Masters with Steve Lehto. It's well worth whatever they charge for it.

Having done my share in removing Judges Blair and Gilmore in 2010, what gets me pissed is that I've personal experience with some of these individuals, and the shell game they play with both justice and truth. How many more perpetrations in Larimer County remain undiscovered? How many more innocents sent from this jurisdiction to DOC on false testimony, malfeasant prosecution, and with the help of the fantasies of statistical phrenologists? Innocents that just didn't have the luck of drawing a Maria Liu… You know, where there is smoke there is fire, and an iceberg only shows 10% of it's volume above the surface.

It irks that as you read, you find out that one of the main individuals who fought TOOTH and NAIL to prevent justice for Tim Masters after Maria Liu became involved was Cliff Riedel, who got 'elected' in our judicial district to District Attorney in 2012. 'Elected' in quotes because he ran unopposed. What is wrong with this jurisdiction when many a good lawyer didn't want to have the position? How much money did Mr. Riedel cost the local taxpayer fighting every request that Maria Liu made, to the point where the Larimer County DA's office had to be removed from the case. Interesting that once the question got outside of the control of this jurisdiction, justice was served.

We hope that in the end, justice prevailed for Tim Masters. The money he was awarded may not recover the time lost in prison under a false conviction, but it will help in the future. However, for the People of the State of Colorado, the victim Peggy Hettrick, and her family, there is no justice. In the megalomania chase after Mr. Masters over the years, individuals who's duty it was to effectuate justice wound up perverting that justice, and got away with that perversion. Will the murdered of Peggy Hettrick ever be bought to justice? Probably not, and only the toling of time will bring final justice to that individual.

The thought comes to mind that maybe there's a lot more swept under the rug in this jurisdiction. Maybe some of the intensity of the fight against Tim Master's release was that there was fear that the rug would eventually be lifted to expose the dirt underneath. We expectantly await the day when the rug gets pulled up so that the vermin and dirt gets cleaned up. Until then, continue to expect the status quo ante

Is it still "Tin Hat" stuff when mainstream media carries it?

[UPDATED 5/13/2012] So if something is considered "tin hat" when does it become legitimate if true? A geologist conservatively considers the Pyramid 9,500 years old. Some thought the moon made of cheese (disproved by the Apollo program).

Locally, "tin hatters" believed that Stacy Lynne is being retaliated against for being an activist against waste in local government, Agenda 21 and ICLIE. The following Fort Collins Coloradoan story (archived for reference),

Larimer County sheriff leaves GPS on critic's car for four months,

indicates that Stacy Lynne was being targeted by the Larimer County Sheriff, not only via illegal (more on that later) phone tap, but also a GPS tracker?

I leave it up to your imagination and Googling skill as to what the hideous crime Stacy Lynne is suspected of having committed. Couldn't get to it till Sunday... Happy Mother's Day to all mom's out there!

The interesting thing I find about this GPS Tracking is the idea that the child was ever in danger, or that there were verifiable allegations of even the potential for parental kidnapping.

Sunday, there is an unattributed opinion on the Coloradoan titled "Tracking must be legal, ethical", the unnamed author states:

“… According to Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith, the tracker was placed under the truck of Stacy Lynne after she was ordered Dec. 21 by the court to return her son to his father during a custody dispute. Lynne said she believed the court order to be invalid and, at first, refused to return the child. She drove to a copy shop to write a legal response. While in the shop, sheriff’s deputies placed the tracking device on her SUV. Lynne was arrested, and her son was turned over to his father. She was released a few hours later and was not charged. The device was never turned on, Smith said. …”

To put it politely, I'd say Sheriff Smith was fibbing. I was there. There is a video of the service of the paper, folks, on YouTube. They gave her an hour or so to cough up the child. There was never service of the order in a way that allowed due process to occur, the due process of being able to challenge the order via numerous legal avenues. For starters, as a final order, it is appeal-able, LOL. NO, It was hand over the child NOW or go to jail. Really? But wait, with respect to the GPS tracker, there would have had to be not one trespass, BUT THREE, on Ms. Lynne's vehicle. To put it on, to turn it on, and to remove it. Can you or I place anything on somebody's else's property legally?

This is a textbook example of what family court activists call “legal kidnapping”. Ordered by an individual who should know better, perpetrated by the strong arm of the court, which is what the Sheriff (Shire Reeve) actually is. Lets go back to the GPS device, though. All this cloak & dagger comedy relates to the fact, if you think about it IMHO, that it was an illegitimate plant of a tracking device. If they had the legal authority to place it there, they would have the legal authority to remove it. No need to hem and haw about them not wanting to have Stacy know that the device was present. Please Justin, give us credit for at least half a working brain.

"LEGAL KIDNAPPING" is the only way to describe it, snatch the kid four days before Christmas, and there was probably a sleigh full of toys under the Christmas tree at the new domicile to compensate for being ripped out of the old one. Hence, when I read in the Coloradoan opinions such as this one, and I cringe.

I'd have loved to have gotten my hands on the "black box" with a USB port and owners manual. Yeah... But I bet by now it's comfortably back in the hands of it's rightful owner, like a good hound dog. Debriefed to insure that the ON switch didn't accidentally jar ON whilst four months on the lam.

Trust in plausible deniability, but verify as necessary… Which includes looking under your vehicle occasionally, both for tattle-tales and for nastier surprises.

Judicial Commission FlimFlam - No Public Hearings This Year

[May 29 Update] - I was wrong about Judge Field, after contacting the XD of the Colorado Office of Judicial Performance Evaluation. Judge Field doesn't come up for retention until November 2014. The process is also different than it appears from having attended hearings in 2010…

Apparently the Commission on Judicial Performance, which in 2010 was infested with wives of judges/ex-judges and other inappropriate individuals in the non-attorney positions, has decided to not have public hearings this year. In cahoots with that, neither are the local media outlets carrying that fact that the time is elapsing to get citizen input to the Commission. This is ESPECIALLY CONCERNING, in that the last day for input is this upcoming Tuesday, May 29, 2012.

One of the judges that must not be retained is Julie Junce Field. There is a questionnaire at, for non-attorneys who have been affected or have participated in the process.

Questionnaires can still be submitted to Mac Hester before Tuesday (221-0664) and/or Sean Rutledge, Public Information Liaison:, (669-2864). Insure that you put the judge's name in the subject line of the email. You can also mail the completed questionnaire to:
Jane B. Howell,
Executive Director,
1301 Pennsylvania, Ste. 300
Denver, CO 80203-2416
(303) 837-3665