Targeting of African-American's by Law Enforcement...

Targeting of African-American's by Law Enforcement... CatWhisperer Sun, 10/02/2016 - 20:55

One report too many, one more African-American life lost, one more family grieving, one more community outraged… We've seen it ALL TOO OFTEN recently. With me, the last straw was the following report that came up on the RSS feeds Sunday, October 2, 2016. This RSS entry resulted in the start of this book, because of the reasons stated.

This is a topic where, IMHO, one has to tread with respect, but also without fear for the benefit of our society.

So are law enforcement officers just targeting African-Americans for extra-judicial justice or is the news media just focusing on law enforcement shootings of African-Americans? Don't police shoot individuals of different ethnicities and races every day across the country? The actual answer from this source is “At least 8,882 civilians have been killed by police since 9/11.” (MintPress News) That's approximately 1.6 civilian shootings by police per day in America as of this writing, using the 9-11 Count Up Calculator. However, of those police shootings of civilians, African-Americans are 2.5 times as likely to be shot by a police officer as Caucasian Americans when adjusted for population (Washington Post: “Aren’t more white people than black people killed by police? Yes, but no”) This whole question came up in my mind after I happened to see a Facebook post by Anonymous that showed what appeared to be the unjustified shooting of Caucasians individuals that never seemed to make the national mainstream media (maybe I've missed them? indecision).

There are many more… But what is obvious is that the domain names of the media reporting it aren't mainstream. So what is up with that, and what is American media's agenda. One of the reasons I do RSS aggregator feeds from foreign media (BBC, France25, Al Jazeera, Russia Times, on the right of this article) is that American media sources, sometimes for whatever reason, doesn't carry the story. But they sure never fail to whenever an African-American is shot by police.

I'm not denigrating African-American lives. Black Lives Matter! Syrian Lives Matter! All Lives Matter! But the national mainstream news media doesn't normally carry the news when an African-American, Hispanic or Caucasian dies in the streets for some inner city from a gang member's or neighbor's gun. So there is a bias there. What are y'all trying to do ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, etc? Ramp up racial tension between races for news stories. Ramp up tensions between people of color and law enforcement to get some copy?

To me the problem may not be the targeting of African-Americas, per se (though the statistics argue that there is definitely a problem), but the post 9-11 idea that law enforcement can just execute us without being held accountable, with the collusion of the courts. Every time an individual is murdered unjustifiably by law enforcement, i.e. no weapon is found and other options could have been exercised, our collective Constitutional Rights are violated. And the courts are complicit in this injustice by not holding law enforcement accountable for wrongfully shed blood.

Is there an agenda there with mainstream media that isn't just reporting of the news? Maybe looking to see who is in ownership would lead to a clue as to what the agenda may be…