A very pertinent question to a little boy and his mom. In 1998, a paper was written by Julie Kunce Field for the Journal for the American Judges Association. It shows a deep understanding of all the factors judges need to consider when making decisions that affect children in custody issues.  Julie Field wasn’t a judge in 1998 but she certainly demonstrated her grasp of abusers’  behaviors and how they use the courts to perpetuate their abuse.

I am not an attorney,  I don’t “know” the law…  but I do recognize willful and wanton behavior when I see it.  This paper indicates Judge Julie Kunce Field has a clear understanding of the fate of a child and the severe ramifications of a judge’s decision in that fate.

What I want to know is, where is the Julie Kunce Field who wrote this paper,  and who was sitting on that bench in the Larimer County Justice Center on November 15, 2011 and wrote the Permanent Orders for Case 11DR444?

   http://www.omsys.com/fivers/visits.htm (attached below in HTML format)

It becomes clearer each passing day… what has happened to Jaden is not a fluke,  it wasn’t caused by anything his mother did wrong…  but logic lends its weight to the suspicion that Stacy was a specific target and that collusion was used by those in positions of trust. The farce that “Family Court” has become has merely served as a template to accomplish what true law could never do.

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Courts and prosecutors about domestic violence

I have to say that in Larimer County the incompetence shown by our current leaders in the District Attorney office (Larry Abrahamson and Cliff Riedel) is just plain bad. To keep those like Andy Lewis, Emily Humphrey and David Vandenberg employees is just incompetence from Larry Abrahamson and Cliff Riedel. The courts and law enforcement in Larimer County have a very sustained record not being able to find the truth. This is just one more example of the miscarriage of justice in Larimer County. It is time to vote out all the current judges and do everything possible to prevent those who are currently in the system from being advanced.  

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