Stacy Lynne Trial - Transcript First Twenty Pages

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Attached below is the first twenty pages of trial transcript. It takes approximately five minutes to read, and reads like a horror script. Transcripts, BTW, are public record.

Let's cut to the chase by starting at line eighteen page four (4.18). What starts there is troubling, but you can't tell unless you're familiar with the law. What's starts there is the Court forcing Ms. Lynne to swear into the record. That, in itself, comes very close to invalidating the proceedings. Where does the Court develop the authority to coerce somebody onto the record before entertaining procedural questions? If you study case law, as in Pacific Reporter, you will find many admonitions against this kind of conduct on the part of the tribunals.

I don't have time to examine this first twenty pages in total. Above was as far as I got today. I'm frying many fish right now, and don't want to burn any of them…wink But you, reader of this, can read that transcript and start researching the law. Knowledge IS power.

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