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Echoing Kevin Duggan's Concern, When Enough is Enough...

I've got to agree with Mr. Duggan in his opinion piece on Sunday, July 7, 2013. It is titled Duggan: What to do when public participation at City Council turns theatrical? Folks, how many years are you going to chastise the Fort Collins City Council, some of whose members weren't even in office at the time when the transgression occurred. Though Mr. Duggan fails to name names, we know that he is talking about Stacy Lynne and her supporters. Why won't Mr. Duggan name names? Because that is part and parcel of why we have the problem in the first place.

The correct venue for addressing redress in the Federal Courts under 42USC1983, not Fort Collins City Council. The Council has absolutely NO authority over the Courts. NONE! Stacy and crowd, you are still barking up the wrong tree. You would be better served with 4'x8' signs in front

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Impressed by Berenato and One Step Closer to Being DONE!

At my trial against Neubauer, I got to see some justice done for the little guy, and was impressed by Judge Berenato's performance. That above was not about my case, but justice got done there too. So before my case was the little guy, an older gentleman pro se was up against the Fort Collins Housing Authority, the people who provide the Section 8 housing.

Seems the gentleman had too many guests over for the comfort of the case manager who works there, and eviction proceedings got started. But from the judge's ruling, all the City had was innuendo that the gentleman had people living there in violation, a needle had been found on the grounds but it couldn't be proven to belong to any individual, music was too loud but no complainants appeared at the hearing, etc. So the judge found for the defendant, because there was NO evidence of wrongdoing in violation of the lease. What impressed me was

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An immediate hearing has been set to try to evict me from the Apartment 4 by Mark Neubauer, F13C4071. As opposed to most other times that I don't want anybody there unless you're curious, this time I'm asking for bodies in court if possible. The reason is that the judge that has been set up to hear this, Carney, is the judge who's sentence I'm appealing in case 12M77, the prosecution for shouting "STOP SMILING AT ME IT'S NOT FUNNY WE'RE UNEMPLOYED" at a county employee at the Larimer County Workforce Center. So of all the possible judges I'm put in front of the only judge that I'm already involved with in a criminal proceeding. Really?

I need your help as witnesses to the proceedings folks, if you have the time to attend. My Answer and Response With Counterclaim is below (8.5MB PDF). I'm claiming theft

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"Jewish Lightning" in Fort Collins? Please rethink Penny Flats and don't prosecute an innocent man...

The definition of Jewish Lightning is: "Supposed cause of fire deliberately arranged by the owner to burn down a property or business in order to benefit from insurance money or similar, such as destruction of documents and records.". I'm using this term, not because I'm anti-Semitic, but because in the areas where I believe that the actual arsonists come from, New York State, this is a very well known term and modus operandi.

Last year, I wrote about the Penny Flats fire being a possible case of insurance arson. I'm more convinced of it now, after having a fuel spill at my apartment complex (owned by Neuworks, LLC), where it seems I was the only one that smelled it (for well over 24 hours). The original story was BEEKEEPER BLOG - Insurance scapegoat for Brinkman? Why am I writing about it again? Because I worked for Neuworks Mechanical at Penny Flats after the fire, spoke to individuals who worked there, and have recently found the owner of the company to have what I believe are psychological issues. I was suspicious a while ago, BTW, (Other Suspects? Follow the money...), so this is nothing new.

What benefit could the Beekeeper possibly have in

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Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth: You may BS the masses, but you can't BS science...

Watched the movie last night. WOW! On par with Press for 9/11 Truth (available at the Old Town Branch of the Poudre Library District), this is a movie to open the eyes and cause the mind to raise questions. This is not conspiracy theory, folks, but architects and engineers responsible for designing safe high-rise steel structure buildings talking about their field of expertise. They know, from over twenty five thousand person-years of accumulated experience, that what the official report of the building collapses (Towers 1, 2, and 7) says is nonsense. See for yourself, below. Or better yet, visit the site, sign the petition, and get your own copy.


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With Broderick back in the news, we have to wonder about another case in the Fort...

With the Fort Collins Coloradoan reporting (July 13, 2012) on the Appeals Court ruling on the Broderick case, we the taxpaying public can only ask that this show get on with the performance. The Fort Collins and Larimer County taxpayers have already spent WAY enough on this tragic comedy.

But I've got to ask, what is the status of the case of the individual who stabbed somebody to death back in what, February 2012? Yes, Bryce David Evans. That was later found to have been a suspect in the burglary of a garage where a bicycle was stolen. This is mighty strange. Not only are charges not forthcoming, but the media has been mum on the case. It's almost as if they want us all to forget about it so it can be swept under the rug.

So what is going on here? It's been SO LONG, that people have probably forgotten about it. Well I haven't, since the legal system here is willing to prosecute somebody for raising their voice and NOT EVEN using profanity at the

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Greg Smith and A Call for Whistle Blowers

Mr. Greg Smith, an ex-high level employee of Goldman Sacks, is the awesome individual who had the moral fortitude to not only resign from an unethical employer, but also had the brass knockers to tell us about it. Mr. Smith gives us an example of what ethical behavior should be in the face of the adversity of systemic corruption.

We need more individuals like Greg Smith in our society, especially now. We need individuals in the Eighth Judicial District whistle-blowing on the corruption there. Why was Stacy Lynne's child taken, when she is AN EXEMPLARY MOTHER? There is an individual who allegedly killed his brother and who's dad is high up in the local Mormon Stake, who's case seems to have disappeared. What the hell is up with that? Benjamin Gilmore, a local bee-keeper who espouses peace, is an alleged arsonist? Cats are dancing with dogs in the moonlight in Larimer County, Colorado, apparently. What other injustices are being perpetrated because we're not aware, because nobody is looking? What's the connection between Judge Julie Field, ex-Governor Ritter, and our own master bohemian, Mrs. Stryker? Somebody out there knows the truth, and it is your duty to come forward or be accomplice to it…

What happened to $5,000,000 of Fort Collins Taxpayer money that went to a research startup in Fort Collins, that then kind of disappeared off the face of the Earth? We need whistle-blowers, folks, because if we don't have them, then the perpetrators keep on perpetrating behind closed doors and behind our backs.

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AFEBUI BLOG - All questions FINALLY answered, JFC!

With the receipt of the communication attached below, all of my three questions with respect to FEBUI are answered. Now why did it take such of a hassle to get? As I'll show in the next blog entry, I think maybe there are more issues here. Whatever.

To recap, three questions with their corresponding answers:

  1. What was the status of my then current FEBUI claim?
    Exhausted, determined by the default of receiving 1 weeks payment.
  2. Information on the status of pending Federal Emergency UI Benefits.
    Begun, determined by the default of receiving 1 weeks payment.
  3. Information on how to apply for continuation of Federal Emergency UI Benefits.
    Unnecessary, as related in the communication below to the CDLE. It automatic. Now pay attention, folks, in the preceding communications between myself and the LCWC, documented below this site, where was this related by the LCWC? Read their communications. They don't know? I find that hard to
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Happy Birthday Dr. King! We're still walking towards the "Promised Land" though...

On Martin Luther King Day, we see about us the fruits of the "Promised Land" for some. But the line to get in has been long, and many still haven't and probably won't see the "Promised Land" this turn of the wheel. Dr. King's quest was not just about racial equality, but about equality and justice for ALL. Martin Luther King, Jr., ladies and gentlemen, was the point of Lady Justice's spear, a martyr for Her and social justice.

In that vein, we call upon all members of all denominations to stand up for Dr. Kings legacy, and continually strive for actual and true social justice always, not just give lip service to the concept. We have a dire problem facing America, a problem totally internal and caused by the complacency of many Americans, resulting in them not being vigilant. I speak of what is the business of justice in America, mostly as manifested in the county and district judicial systems,

In a society where equality of justice is guaranteed to all, it is obvious to the casual observer

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AFEBUI BLOG - Al's Federal Emergency Benefits Unemployment Blog in Larimer County

With the goings on of last week, I figured this would be better formatted as a blog. Maybe this will help other reciepients in the county with problems. If you're having troubles shoot me an email, al@alreaud.net.

I spent about an hour maybe, on Friday, trying to contact a being with a pulse at the CDLE. Got some of it on video, a very frustrating experience. I really don't want to speak to a machine that's on about a 120 second loop, over and over again, because after the first pass, no new information is given. They should have the GoDaddy method, where the computer takes your phone number, and it puts you on a que, you get auto-called when your number is about to be called. The wait time is then 5-10 minutes, rather than hours, and it saves line time. Time +1 hour, questions answered 0. I'll be spending all of Martin Luther King Day crawling the CDLE website.

Here's the strange thing, so I look into my checking account Saturday morning

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