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"Choice City Spirit" at New West Fest

Sometimes I get busy, and can't attend to the blog as much as I would like to. So first off I've got to mention the great times at the New West Fest, though I was only able to go Sunday afternoon to watch some bluegrass. The "Choice City" spirit is visible when thousands of people of many different persuasion and music tastes can co-mingle downtown with no problems, or at least none reported.

This post comes about because I had, prior to visiting, gone to Flower Power Botanicals to gather some herbal medicine, miles away from downtown. Couldn't get to my regular caregiver, downtown, Organic Alternatives, because it was closed due to the Fest. So arriving downtown,

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We have a problem in Colorado tasking regulation of marijuana to people that don't want to do so...

We've a problem here in Colorado where we've tasked certain individuals with implementing a Constitutional amendment to regulate marijuana like alcohol and they have a vested interest in not doing so and are taking advice from individuals who have a vested interest in not seeing marijuana regulated like alcohol. Lets us recall precisely what we voted on in 2012: TO REGULATE MARIJUANA LIKE ALCOHOL. If they can't do so, we should elect others in their place who can implement the will of the voter. Where there is smoke there is fire. Where they are not implementing the will of the voter on one subject, they are also not doing so on many others, both locally and state-wide.

Rather than starting from alcohol legislation, as mandated by the voter, changing some wording and adding were necessary for the uniqueness of the industry, we continue to have these impediments to the implementation of Amendment 64. Interesting report from the Fort Collins Coloradoan in "Larimer commissioners' marijuana discussion exposes shortage of data". Here a good one.

“We found that there was fairly limited data,” said Public Health Director Dr. Adrienne LeBailly at a Larimer County commissioners work session Thursday. There hasn’t been a substantial survey of teen drug use in the area in 10 years.

But she said marketing of pot-infused candy and advertisements of the drug are likely to drive more under-aged youths to use marijuana.

So Dr., if you've got no data, then what do you base

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Passing an Ordinance is One Thing, Enforcing it Will be a Totally Different Thing...

Fort Collins passed an ordinance last night that flies right in the face of Article XVIII, Section 14. What they have done is say that because one lives in location X, then one can't exercise the rights granted by Section 14. NO Madam Mayor and ladies and gentlemen of the Council. As opposed to dispensaries, which were not mentioned in the Section 14, the right to grow the medicine is, specifically, and so is the affirmative defense to it. The pertinent sections are:

  • (1)(a)(III),
  • (1)(b),
  • (1)(i),
  • (2)(a-b),
  • (2)(d),
  • (2)(e),
  • (2)(i)(4-5).

You may vote up such an ordinance, but all it will take to get review is one enforcement attempt that damages the patient / caregiver interest. Good luck winning there. Hence why City Attorney Steve Roy hemmed and hawed and moved it to executive session, IMHO. Don't believe every case will go up in front of

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The day is here... Below is the list of services and capabilities offered to Medical Marijuana Patients in Fort Collins that I've made available at a discount. Due to the twelve plant limit in Fort Collins, primary care-giving is not possible, hence these patient to patient services are being provided. If you don't like it, complain to the Fort Collins City Council,

In light of the February 9 ruling by Judge French we are no longer able to safely and effectively provide medicine to patients here in Choice City. Having already filed a lawsuit (denied by Judge Field) to prevent this loss in May 2011, I have to take a different tack than petitioning the Courts to protect my rights (been there, rode the bull, the shirt got ripped) with respect to maintaining the availability of quality medicine for myself and hence for others in Fort Collins.

Provided you are a Red Card holder and live in the geographical boundaries of Fort Collins, I'm willing to provide the following services to patients and caregivers ONLY, under the affirmative defense of Article XVIII, Section 14, Paragraph 2(d), at a discount of 66% by Happy Cat Technologies.

  • Grow room / enclosure engineering consultation (electricity, temperature, humidity, CO2 enhancement control) to insure that you maintain adherence to basic safety requirements and building / electrical codes were applicable.
  • Security system installation, configuration, and administration (a big dog works too, along with friends Smith and Wesson)(click here for more).
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FORT COLLINS MMJ COMMUNITY - Be There Friday to Support the Minardis

Colorado Constitution, Article XVIII, Section 14 2(d):

2(d) Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, no person, including a patient or primary care-giver, shall be entitled to the protection of this section for his or her acquisition, possession, manufacture, production, use, sale, distribution, dispensing, or transportation of marijuana for any use other than medical use.

Remember Tim and Lisa Masters? The City had to fork over almost $500,000 on that case, not counting legal fees, because they violated the provisions of the Amendment. Need we go there again, as taxpayers, to the tune of even more this time? They said the same things about Tim and Lisa Masters as quoted below.

Hence, what part of that quote above does the Guild, in their infinite sophism NOT UNDERSTAND. Please join me in supporting the Minardis in Court this Friday at 8:30AM. Patients have a right to be able to purchase their medications, safely, securely, and with the proper strains and genetics to fulfill their needs.

The idea of the local authorities is to try to stop patients in this jurisdiction from lawfully exercising their rights. If you can't buy it and you can't grow it YOUR RIGHTS ARE NULLIFIED. WAKE UP!

BTW: I would recommend that the plaintiff's attorney pay CLOSE attention to the content of the search warrant. Already discrepancies are being reported by the Coloradoan, as quoted below.

When police served the warrant, none of the plants were in the flowering stage, he said.

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (A Voter Education) - The Poudre District Statistics Data Analysis

enlightenedStory Under Construction enlightened

⇒ Jerry Wilson, Superintendent, Poudre School District, Summer-Fall 2011

After having analyzed the data for the school years starting in 2008 through 2010 over the holidays, lets determine if that is true. The summary statistics indicate the following:

Overall Attendance:        
  2008 2009 2010 2008-2010
  25953 26478 26811  
%Change:   2.02% 1.26% 3.31%
Overall Drug Incidents:        
  2008 2009 2010 2008-2010
  91 135 200  
%Change:   48.35% 48.15% 119.78%
Overall Drug Incidents as percentage of  attendance:        
  2008 2009 2010 2008-2010
  0.35% 0.51% 0.75%  
%Change:   45.41% 46.31% 112.75%

If the intent of the analysis is to show whether Mr. Jerry Wilson misstated the facts,

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Again a Court rules falsely with respect to Medical Marijuana rights

In the story quoted below from the Longmont Times-Call, one has to wonder where the Court gets it's legal doctrine. One has to question a ruling based on the idea that

"If there's not a right of that nature (for patients) in Amendment 20 ... how can there be a right of a similar nature for dispensaries?" attorney Thomas Lyons argued for the city Aug. 19

There is plainly such right for patients in the affirmative defense of 2(d) of Article XVIII, Section 14. To quote directly from the amendment,

 Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions, no person, including a patient or primary care-giver, shall be entitled to the protection of this section for his or her acquisition, possession, manufacture, production, use, sale, distribution, dispensing, or transportation of marijuana for any use other than medical use. (emphasis mine)

The legal system is a system based, theoretically, 

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"The most dangerous of all evils", Dr. Weiss, is actually ignorance

And the worst, most dangerous, evil ignorance is that which is flaunted about like a multi-caret wedding ring and comes from the mouth of a “professional” or officialdom.  Not only does the Good Doctor (The Science of Circumcision,, in the soapbox quoted below, create an ad-hoc definition for medical marijuana, something more to his liking than what is defined by the Colorado Constitution, but in addition, we are again taken back to the nonsense of the increased ____________(fill in the blank). Any statistical exaggeration and misinterpretation is fine in school data, crime data, anything, to falsely pin fault on medical marijuana users and Centers.

The claims by Jerry Wilson are BS, Dr. Weiss, and I'll publically eat crow if they at true, on this very blog. But they aren't Dr., we both know that, and the only reason the statistics hasn't been processed showing that the claim of the school board and Mr. Wilson was fraudulent is that the living of life intervenes. The school board also probably violated the law endorsing a political outcome officially, but as long as Centers don't challenge this outcome, they will get away with it.

The Ban side won on an off election, based on lies, by a mere 1500 votes. Easily overturned next election when a lot closer to the full Fort Collins population puts their vote in. My view is that what the ban proponents practiced was "Misinformation, which is so insidiously inaccurate in order to encourage its" banning, "has succeeded in influencing many into believing the benign nature of" this plant, without a shred of actual evidence, is  "a malicious, gateway, hazardous and illegal drug."

Now it's back into the neighborhoods of Fort Collins come 

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (A Voter Education) - Part 6: Dan Hartman Letter: Regulation Needed

Copied form Steamboat Today in it's entirety:

I am the director of the Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED) of the Colorado Department of Revenue, and I want to make you fully aware how your vote will affect the availability of medical marijuana in your community. In 2000, the citizens of Colorado voted to legalize the use of medical marijuana, and therefore, the ability for lawfully registered patients to obtain and use medical marijuana within your community will not change. If your community bans commercial medical marijuana businesses (centers, cultivations and infused-product manufacturers) you will only remove the regulated medical marijuana distribution model from your community.

Our agency is tasked with building and maintaining a transparent and unambiguous regulatory scheme

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Medical Marijuana Dispensaries (A Voter Education) - Part 5: What 1500 Caregivers Looks Like

A picture is worth a thousand words. Thus a graphic explains the problem with banning better than words ever could. Currently Fort Collins has twenty dispensaries, located outside of neighborhoods. Ban proponents want to eliminate dispensaries, saying that patients can fall back on the old caregiver model. Really? Maybe they really don't understand or comprehend what they are asking for. So the following graphic was created to help in understanding the issue (clicking on the image gives you a 1024x1241 version in a new window):

What 1500 caregivers vs. 20 Centers looks like.

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