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Very Close Call From The Sky - Amazing Video of Meteor Over Russia

Dammed scary, and shows the need for a planetary space based defense system. Maybe not in our lifetimes, but start spending money on it, Politicians. The following is from, taken from the dashcam of a Russian police cruiser, author unknown, through the Loveland Reporter-Herald. The action starts at 0:10 on the video (not the dashcam clock).

In the next video, one hears, and almost feels the shock wave and shit hits the fan...

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Results of Eve vs. Lilith Poll... Eve Wins!

After running the Eve vs. Lilith poll for approximately three months, we have found that Eve wins over Lilith, 3 to 2. To those that participated, thanks for your input! To those that aren't familiar with the story of Lilith, it's available at The gist of the story, which is part of Jewish religion and folklore, is that “...Lilith left Adam after she refused to become subservient to him...

The poll question was:
A question to the ladies: If you could choose to be the female archetype which of the following would you choose? No guys plz...

The choices were Eve and Lilith.

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Foreign Company Posing as American Collection Agency - The Takhar Group

Have you got harassing phone calls from (800) 620-0371, from an organization identifying themselves as the Takhar Group. DO NOT GIVE THEM INFORMATION, they are not even in the United States!

I spoke to them today, Pat and Christine, and straight up told them to not call my number, to send any communications in writing to the owner of the number they are trying to contact. THEY REFUSED AND SAID THEY WOULD CONTINUE TO CALL. Then I got my digital voice recorder out, had them verify who they were, etc. After that I filed a police report with the FCPD. They don't give a shit about Fair Debt Collection Practices Act because they know that you can't serve them in Ontario! Scams come in all sizes and shapes, folks!

# whois

      Takhar Investments Inc
      Suki Takhar
      202 Beverly St
      Cambridge, ON N1R3Z8
      Phone: +1.5196224141

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A question to the ladies: If you could choose to be the female archetype which of the following would you choose? No guys plz...

I would be Eve...
60% (3 votes)
I would be Lilith...
40% (2 votes)
Total votes: 5
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Happy Birthday Dr. King! We're still walking towards the "Promised Land" though...

On Martin Luther King Day, we see about us the fruits of the "Promised Land" for some. But the line to get in has been long, and many still haven't and probably won't see the "Promised Land" this turn of the wheel. Dr. King's quest was not just about racial equality, but about equality and justice for ALL. Martin Luther King, Jr., ladies and gentlemen, was the point of Lady Justice's spear, a martyr for Her and social justice.

In that vein, we call upon all members of all denominations to stand up for Dr. Kings legacy, and continually strive for actual and true social justice always, not just give lip service to the concept. We have a dire problem facing America, a problem totally internal and caused by the complacency of many Americans, resulting in them not being vigilant. I speak of what is the business of justice in America, mostly as manifested in the county and district judicial systems,

In a society where equality of justice is guaranteed to all, it is obvious to the casual observer

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2011 - A Review

A very interesting year for all, and I can't actually say that it was one of the better ones that I or the human race has had. So here's a short synopsis of what made the year memorable. Please feel free to add via comment any topics that you think were noteworthy.

  • The Arab Spring: That is the most newsworthy event of the year, IMHO, superseding everything else. The face of the Middle East is changing, and how the West acts will determine our future relations. This year saw dictators toppling like dominoes, something not seen in the past century, with armed rebellion in many countries. Lets mention Syria first, a country where the old guard again refuses to relinquish power. Similar barbarities as are being committed there are what caused the Libyan people to take up arms and NATO involvement. If you're one of those despots, it's time to start paying attention, because the human race can't afford your bullshit too much longer. In Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt the people have spoken, sometimes with the gun when necessary. It may not bode well in the long term, but it sure looks good now!
  • The deaths and/or assassinations of leading terrorist / despotic leaders, including Osama Bin Laden, Muammar Gaddafi,
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Nuclear technology our best option for now

David Sirota, in his column, 'Do, regardless of harm' is too often our way, declares that our society is falling down the path of the wrong energy meme. That may be true, but in the US and other developed countries, it may be out of plain necessity.

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INTERNATIONAL BLOG - Possible karmic justice in Hartley case...

Though we may not know for sure, we can always hope that the killers of David Hartley were bought to justice in a karmic way.

This was found on BBC. Surprising how sometimes the best news and most interesting news comes from overseas:

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Finding an explanation for the worldwide wild weather

Quoted from Coloradoan Story: Finding an explanation for the worldwide wild weather
Author: Corey Rose9News
You could say its wild weather almost everywhere. There is heavy snow in the South and on the East Coast, frigid temperatures here in Colorado, and heavy flooding in Australia. Right now, 49 out of 50 states have snow. That includes Hawaii.

At the Fiske Planetarium in Boulder, officials have satellite and infrared images to explain what's going on in the Earth's atmosphere.

"What we are seeing in the atmosphere is really extremes of weather patterns," Matthew Benjamin, a professor at the Fiske Planetarium, said. "It's not Armageddon. The world's not ending."

Although it may sound like it, Benjamin assures us there is an explanation.

First, let's start with the United States.

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