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Alibaba: Translation issues between Chinese and English

One sees the strangest things online while looking for something totally different. I found the link below just perusing the Alibaba website, after reading a story that Yahoo may be getting sold to them. Alibaba is kind of like Ebay, but not. What does Alibaba sell? Everything under the sun, moon, and kitchen sink, in wholesale quantities mostly. All from China, apparently.

Here's an example of how there are bound to be cultural issues, such as in translation. Browsing through, trying different search terms, I come up to the product linked here. Now maybe somebody was playing a joke, or the individual had a problem understanding the translation, but they seem to be brutally frank about advertising their product:

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INTERNATIONAL BLOG - Chinese attacks nothing new...

The recently reported attacks on Google are nothing new. On this site alone, since December, I've logged hundreds of attacks, and hundreds of attacks on the testing server. On the testing server, they try to log in to the secure shell (ssh) via attacks on presumed accounts. On the website, they attempt to create bogus accounts whereby to post spam content. Most of these bogus accounts originate from the Gmail or Hotmail domains.

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