Want to Help Justice in Larimer County, Colorado?

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Sat, 10/15/2016 - 23:02

If you really want to, don't retain Judge Carroll Michelle Brinegar. We can't do anything about (Eighth Judicial District) District Attorney Clifford E. Riedel, who is running unopposed, but you can choose to remove a judge from that bench that should never have been put in that position in this jurisdiction. As an ex-employee of DA Riedel, it can reasonably be assumed that Judge Brinegar will be biased, consciously or unconsciously, towards the prosecution, e.g. her ex-coworkers.

This recommendation was bought about by a Loveland Reporter-Herald news report “Berthoud man's trial internet luring of a child postponed". I commented on the strangeness of that case, but the comment has since been removed. This case is interesting, because the alleged perpetrator, Jarold Alan Mentzer, “…was arrested in November 2013 in Berthoud after Loveland police conducted a months-long investigation…”, but the case has dragged on for almost three years next month (November). Here is the reason given for the postponement: “"It was due to a jury not being available to be polled," DA spokeswoman Jodi Lacey wrote in an email."”

I find that a very un-plausible, hard to swallow reason for a  postponement. A trial is scheduled months in advance, and there are probably over a 100,000 individuals eligible for jury summons. So with months of advance notice, on the date of trial, no jurors are available. Really? That has never happened in the years I have been watching the courts, and asking around neither has it been seen before by other court observers with years of experience. What I can say is that we don't need another Blair/Gilmore clone to be in possible cahoots with the DA's office corrupting justice in Larimer County, Colorado!

We'll be keeping a closer eye on Judge Brinegar and this case in the future…


Here's what I wrote on the Loveland Reporter-Herald article referenced above, that is hidden unless you log in. No wonder it looks  like nobody ever comments on the stories of the Loveland Reporter-Herald. cheeky 

I'll have some images up shortly of the insidious censorship. Why have a comments section if nobody can read it externally outside of your site?

Alfred P. Reaud • Friday, October 14, 2016 2:29 PM

""It was due to a jury not being available to be polled," DA spokeswoman Jodi Lacey wrote in an email."

Nonsense, in the Eight Judicial District? With over a 130,000 people to send jury summons to? The court could have sent deputies out into the streets to corral potential jurors. Plus the trial has not progressed since 2013. There is a right in the US Constitution to a speedy trial, but apparently that has been suspended in the Eighth Judicial District in many cases.

If this is the way Judge Carroll Michelle Brinegar operates her court, then I suggest we don't retain her this year. She is up for retention but I'd say if we want justice in Larimer County we can't retain judges who operate in this fashion...

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