DA drops charges in sex assault case

Submitted by Al.sFair on Fri, 02/04/2011 - 20:17


Ms. Blair laid another big egg on her way out.  Finding probable cause to bring Mr. Temple to trial.  I am relieved that she is now an ambulance chaser.  If you want to hire her, that’s just a sign of your bad judgment, but the rest of us won’t have to unwillingly deal with her as in the past.

Mr. Temple, I admire your tenacity and the size of your balls.  They must be somewhere between softball and bowling ball size.  As you sat in jail for moths, I am sure you were pressured to take a plea deal, in lieu of facing a possible life sentence.  You did the right thing.  If there were more folks out there with your guts, our legal system would return to trial by peers, rather than sodomy by our overlords.

And speaking of overlords, I have to ask you Mr. Temple.  Were you paid $10,000.00 per month throughout the course of your ordeal like Criminal Broderick who is facing 7 felony counts?  Were you served papers but not booked into the jail or forced to make bail like Criminal Broderick.  Did the taxpayers volunteer to buy you a high powered Denver attorney, and only make you pay them back if you were found guilty?  Did our overpaid City Manager support you in statements to the press?  Did your actions cost your city and county $10,000,000.00?

Last question.  Is lady justice blind in these parts, or does she peek to see if you are wearing a uniform or are dressed in lawyerly attire?  

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