Insurance scapegoat for Brinkman?

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NOTE: Updated 11/13/2016

An interesting development in the case of Mr. Benjamin Gilmore. First off, if you don't believe he did it, please join the Facebook account supporting him,

At first I thought he did, due to the sign he held at one of the Coloradoan photo shoots. But then other things came to light that caused me to change my mind:

  • There have been allegations of homeless individuals sleeping in the area where the fire was burned.
  • One report stated that a construction worker told the homeless individuals that they could sleep there.
  • Homeless individuals were reported as acting suspiciously after the incident at the Occupy Fort Collins gathering.
  • One report from Denver has a commentator

It's Rattler Country, watch out where you step...

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Out on a road trip looking for some panning spots, I wound up by Watson Lake on the Poudre River by the sluiceway cruising along on the bicycle, enjoying the scenery. And low and behold, I hear the "SOUND". Kind of sounds like a cicada, but much slower and deeper.  I stop mid trail, and do a quick look see on the ground. Damn, a Western Diamondback (Crotalus atrox)... Passed less than two feet from it.

Poudre River Rising 2011

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The following are a set of images that document the rising of the Poudre River in Fort Collins. The images are sorted into pages related to location on the river where I ride the trails. It is also a test of remote file hosting.

This is about the highest it got, with the water at the far end being over a foot deep or more. At the point were I'm standing, the water is about three inches.

2011-06-06 Poudre River Trail at College Ave high water spring runoff
Looking east under College Avenue. The water at the far end was almost up to the axle!


Ballot Ideas to Insure Local Justice

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Brainstorming after the last election, where the people of Larimer County unseated two judges up for retention, and having been very active in that campaign, I pondered the reasons why we had the Timothy Masters problem, and what we, as the electorate, could do about it.

That lead to some ideas for ballot initiatives in the coming future related to judicial administration and tenure.

  1. Create a ballot initiative wherein a district attorney, assistant district attorney, or public defender is not eligible to be selected as a candidate for the bench in the same jurisdiction where they practiced as a district attorney, assistant district attorney, or public defender.
    The idea here is to prevent bias, conscious or unconscious from being introduced to the bench. The bench doesn't become a machine of logic just because it sits

Where's My Mug?

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We see mug shots every day in the Coloradoan.  Mug shots of our neighbors.  Some guilty, some innocent, some undercharged but most overcharged; some for misdemeanors, and some for felonies.

That’s just how it works.  You are accused and arrested.  Finger printed and photographed.  Lice showered and told to spread your ass cheeks and cough.

Even when the charges against you are dropped, as they were against a young guy named Temple, we still see his mug shot rather than a more appropriate picture of a free innocent man celebrating his vindication.

DA drops charges in sex assault case

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Ms. Blair laid another big egg on her way out.  Finding probable cause to bring Mr. Temple to trial.  I am relieved that she is now an ambulance chaser.  If you want to hire her, that’s just a sign of your bad judgment, but the rest of us won’t have to unwillingly deal with her as in the past.

Mr. Temple, I admire your tenacity and the size of your balls.  They must be somewhere between softball and bowling ball size.  As you sat in jail for moths, I am sure you were pressured 

How Far Can Freedom Of Expression Go?

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---------- CENSORED COMMENT ----------

CatWhisperer wrote (12/26/2010 6:16:48 PM):
There is nothing strange about a print making the rounds. They are a limited signed set usually, a hundred or less, and allow the work of art to be disseminated in a better fashion to art galleries, rather than having the painting itself make the rounds.

Regardless, actions do speak louder than words. The acts of Ms. Folden speak for themselves. The rationalization that she "*** was protecting her Christian faith ***" just doesn't hold water. Nothing gives anybody the right in America to defend their religious faith with violence. By condoning such, in the media and legal system, many miss the point of why we have troops in Afghanistan and other parts of the world, IMHO...

Quoted from Coloradoan Story: How Far Can Freedom Of Expression Go?
Author: Iman Babazadeh • Reader Submitted • December 16, 2010

A little over two months ago, protestors gathered around the Loveland Museum Gallery to speak their mind on a certain painting. It was done by Enrique Chagoya, and entitled, "The Misadventures of Romantic Cannibals". The painting depicted Jesus Christ involved immoral acts, obviously angering Christians, thus causing the protests. Then on October sixth, something unforeseen occurred at the gallery where the art work resided. Kathleen Folden, a truck driver from Montana, drove all the way from her home to Loveland and destroyed the painting with a crowbar. Her perspective was quite obvious when she yelled out "How can you desecrate my Lord?"( Interesting responses came from Christians as they were mostly divided on how to act towards Folden. Some believed that it was just and noble for Folden to travel all that way just to rip up a painting. Others thought that even though Chagoya created something that modern day society might not fully agree with, Folden should have shown better self-control as a Christian and done something else other than just blatantly destroy Chagoya's work.

While all of this was happening with Kathleen Folden, Resurrection Fellowship Church's head pastor, Jonathan Wiggins, decided that he was going to email Chagoya in an 

Commission today interviewing candidates to replace judges Blair and Gilmore

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Quoted from Coloradoan Story: Commission today interviewing candidates to replace judges Blair and Gilmore
Author: Trevor Hughes
"A nominating commission that's helping Gov. Bill Ritter select two new judges to replace ousted Larimer District Court judges Terry Gilmore and Jolene Blair is interviewing candidates today. The commission -- three local attorneys and four area residents who aren't lawyers -- today interviewed, among others, Norm Townsend, the chief area public defender. The interviews are being conducted in a conference room in the courthouse suite housing Chief District Court Judge Stephen Schapanski's office, and candidates are checking in with Schapanski's clerk. Townsend declined to comment on Monday.

Blair and Gilmore are set to leave the bench by Jan. 11 after voters this fall overwhelmingly declined to retain them. The two were swept from their seats by voters angered by the two former prosecutors' roles in the murder conviction of Timothy Masters. Masters this summer received $10 million from Fort Collins, Larimer County and