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2 hours 47 minutes ago

Writers and artists needed for 2018 valentine season

21 hours 6 minutes ago
Here's your chance you part of a 72-year-old Loveland tradition. The Loveland Chamber of Commerce has put the call out for entries for the 2018 official Loveland Valentine's Day card, cachet and cancellation stamp contest.
<b>By Michelle Vendegna</b><p><p><i>Reporter-Herald Staff Writer</i>

Thompson school board questions hopefuls to serve

21 hours 35 minutes ago
A longtime educator, a certified public accountant and a software developer have applied to fill the remaining two years in the District C term on the Thompson school board. Marcy Cochran, Jarrett Lee Roberts and Marc Seter answered questions from the current board Wednesday.
<b>By Pamela Johnson</b><p><p><i>Reporter-Herald Staff Writer</i>

Home Waters: Change prompts hunters to move on

1 day 1 hour ago
Way back in the day — around 500 B.C. to be more precise — Heraclitus stated that "The only constant in life is change." More recently, noted author and literary critic, Barbara Johnson added that "No one actually likes change except babies in diapers." Now, I'm certainly not ready to start wearing diapers again, but the time may not be too far off.
<b>By Dennis Smith</b>
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