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3 hours 23 minutes ago

Ask Amy: Baby might not bring troubled siblings together

8 hours ago
Was I insensitive to his efforts? My husband wants to try to make this right, because my brother is our daughter's only uncle. I do not think that this is a good idea, as my brother has proven to be unreasonable. How should I go about handling this?
Amy Dickinson

Ultra-wealthy win in Senate tax bill, other face hikes

12 hours 54 minutes ago
The ultra-wealthy, especially those with dynastic businesses — like President Donald Trump and his family — do very well under a major Republican tax bill moving in the Senate, as they do under legislation passed this week by the House.
Marcy Gordon

Advocacy groups: Killings of transgender people increase

13 hours 23 minutes ago
At least 25 transgender people in the United States have been homicide victims so far this year, the highest annual total on record, according to advocacy groups that have been monitoring the grim phenomenon and seeking ways to reduce the toll.
David Crary

Allegations against Alabama’s Roy Moore dividing GOP women

13 hours 50 minutes ago
Standing on the white marble steps of Alabama's Capitol, Kayla Moore surrounded herself with two dozen other women Friday to defend husband Roy Moore against accusations of sexual misconduct that are dividing Republicans, and women in particular.
Kim Chandler
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