Saying Goodby to Mr. Pickles

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Wed, 10/09/2013 - 10:33

Saying goodbye to Mr. Pickles as been one of the hardest things I've had to do recently. Another torture to add to the tortures I endure daily, but that I deal with thanks to the healing of Jesus Christ and the total belief that God has a plan. A plan that I may not always understand, but that I accept because of His love.

Pickles in his playbox...

He had to be relinquished to the Larimer County Humane Society, animal number A429589. If you can rescue him please do, he's a great cat, but for an older individual or couple who won't leave him alone much (not more than 24 hours), with no cats or children in the house, dogs have been OK with him. He was fine at the house from June until the later part of September, BTW, but events conspired to render him unsuitable.

He started stress / spiteful urinating after the Larimer County flood in mid-September, when some refugees with an unruly 8-year old child came to stay at the place where he was being boarded. That caused him to loose his room downstairs, and he started the inappropriate urinating then. So I paid my 30 pieces of silver, feeling like Judas Iscariot the whole time during the trip to the Humane Society, because I used his trust for me against him to get him into the cat carrier. He howled hideously the whole way, making me feel like shit. I had Mr. Pickles for almost 6 years, good years, where he was a great friend helping combat my perpetual loneliness.

So Godspeed dear friend, and hope you get adopted soon, and if they have to take you out, I hope they do so in the arms of a loving female technician, whom you loved to be around so much. He had a thing for younger women, funny, just like I used to before my last girlfriend, and was always comfortable with them. Below is my last pictures with him, on Tuesday October 8, 2013.

Last pictures of Mr. Pickles and myself, taken 10/8/2013.

Another last picture of Pickles and myself, 10/8/2013.


Funny, how even after three years (almost), I still miss him and felt very sad when I ported this story over from the old website. You would think I would be totally over it by now, but that isn't the case. Though I had him the longest of any of my feline friends, I really wish that he could have lived out his life with me. I guess that wasn't in the Lord's plan for us though... Good kitty Mr. Pickles, I wish you the best and send lots of love your way, whether here with us in the flesh, or in the hereafter!

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