Shame on the Coloradoan for their reporting on the Dyers...

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Sat, 08/16/2014 - 22:07

Here's another example of the Coloradoan going on the offensive to insure that somebody is tried in the press, and that a fair trial is impossible in this corrupt county. The Coloradoan and it's staff should be ashamed of the way they have reported on the Dyers! They should resign en masse or be fired, because what they have done is akin to burning a cross in the Dyers' front yard. They should be sued for libel at minimum for publishing unsubstantiated allegations and for not properly following up on their leads.

Lets look at one example… "I didn't even know they ever had a daughter," said Louisa Lombardo, 32. Lombardo has lived with her husband and two children in the 100 block of East Trilby Road since January. Though they moved in two months after a 7-year-old girl was removed from Douglas and Leah Dyer's custody next door, Lombardo said she was still taken aback. …Why even post that nonsense? If the lady and her family moved in two months after the child was taken, WHY WOULD SHE KNOW? Is she taken aback by her own ignorance? Has she attempted to meet the neighbors? Has she ever gone through the trauma of getting a child ripped out of the home by CPS? PLEASE…

What bearing do the statements A dingy pane of glass barely hung in the window near the smudged and dirty door, which like much of the house…” and “Candy wrappers lie scattered around the small front yard…” have to do with ANY of the allegations in this case? How many Fort Collins homes are in the same condition, especially in the College parts of town where the slum lords do business? Would it be reported if it were beer cans?

The above kind of statements are designed to bias readers against the Dyers, based on their looks, economic status, and allegations of the case. Here are questions that the readers of this "newspaper" should be asking:

  • Did any of the Coloradoan staff go to ANY of the custody hearings on this case prior to the arrests?
  • Why did the police take from October 2013 to August 2014 to file charges? Did any asset of a governmental agency attempt to coerce the Dyers into something that they refused to do. Readers should know that trumped up invented charges are a modus operandi of this judicial district if one doesn't cooperate with coercion/intimidation by said assets.
  • Wasn't the whole cat litter and feces issue made up on the affidavit to flesh it out. Didn't an officer ALREADY testify at a custody hearing to the cat box being in another room and feces being only in the cat box.
  • Wasn't the full cooperation of the Dyers' given at all times to law enforcement?

I feel for these two individuals, an ask interested individuals of the local community with a sense of justice and a caring soul to get involved in this case. If you're a Christian, re-read Proverbs 31:8-9, and understand that you will be doing the Lord's work if you help justice prevail. Please pray for the Dyers, for their daughter, and for and end to injustice in our community.


Unbelievable this can be happening in any courtroom in America - but Larimer County? Not so unbelievable. IS IT ALWAYS TRUE BECAUSE A CASEWORKER SAYS SO? This unfortunate couple is fighting a system that has no allowances for due process protections. Family courts claim you can have a jury trial in contested cases but they never take place. CO Supreme Court Chief Justice Directives for Handling Dependency/Neglect cases state a jury trial is your right. When attempting to exercise that right however, the County Attorney and court magistrates coerce parents through multiple "settlement conferences" - intended to make you admit to allegations. Clear and simple - deception is used to imply you will get helpful services (and your kids returned) if you just admit to allegations. I've watched these brow beating sessions. Promises are made that never materialize. Felony criminal charges have now been added by the DA - who used inaccurate but never corrected information from the caseworker affidavit, cited by Officer Trujillo in his arrest affidavit. This particular caseworker was on probationary status with LCDHS. She violated the 4th amendment rights of this family and orchestrated an illegal removal of a child under false pretenses. Instead of charges against the department worker, the bandwagon of child welfare agents is protecting themselves from public scrutiny and accountability for wrongful actions.

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