Catwhisperer's Recommendations for Election 2016

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Wed, 10/12/2016 - 21:50

This recommendation is a work in progress as we just got the sample ballot and the Larimer County Local Ballot Issues booklet. We will continue this and expect to be completed by this coming weekend.


U.S. President/U.S. Vice President - Got this one wrong on the electoral votes but called it on the popular vote.
Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine :
If you haven't watched, heard, or read enough yet to understand why Donald Trump is neither qualified or of the proper character to be President of the United States then vote as you see fit because nothing I can say will change your position.

U.S. Senator (Colorado) - CALLED IT!
Michael Bennet

U.S. Representative (Colorado's 2nd congressional district) - CALLED IT!
Jared Polis


CO Member, University of Colorado Board of Regents - CALLED IT!
Heidi Ganahl

CO State Senator (Colorado State Senate district 23) - Got it wrong.
T.J. Cole
Because looking at Vicky Marble's voting record, I don't believe she espouses those values that make Colorado a great place to live. Pay special attention to her voting record and what she voted for and against, such as voting against every environmental measure placed before her. Vicky is not the kind of candidate I want representing me in the Colorado Senate… vs
CO State Representative (Colorado State House district 52) - CALLED IT!
Joann Ginal
She appears to be doing a good job, is highly educated, and appears to be for conservation, health, and welfare of all Coloradoans. vs
District Attorney - 8th Judicial District
No vote for the candidate, not that a lack of vote matters on this question however, because Clifford E. Riedel is running unopposed. IMHO, this is an example of the Legal Guild operating in the Eighth Judicial District, that A) nobody wants the job, or B) the “Guild Master” (whomever that group or individual may be) has spoken…


Amendment 69 - (Colorado Constitution) - Statewide Healthcare System - Sadly got this one wrong... sad
Because all humans deserve adequate health care. Voting yes for this amendment would go a long way towards universal health care. Just look the list of mostly health insurance organizations that are against Amendment 69 to see the big business thrust to make this amendment fail. Look at your health interests and realize that big insurance business is determined to maintain their profit margins on your health care and that is why their massive contributions.,

Amendment 70 - (Colorado Constitution) - State Minimum Wage - CALLED IT!
The arguments against don't hold water, and don't fall for “the sky will fall if passed” tactics. If only 3% of Colorado workers earn minimum wage, then the effects on employers is going to be only for those employers that hire minimum wage workers, i.e. 3% of businesses. Employers will not be laying off anybody, because they have to have employees to make a profit and get the job done.  And they will forward the costs to the consumer as always so they won't be making less money.$12_Minimum_Wage,

Amendment 71 - (Colorado Constitution) - Requirements for Constitutional Amendments - Got this one wrong, but it will come back to bite us…
A Trojan horse to diminish or remove the ability of Coloradoans to take the initiative when the Legislature fails to or refuses to change Colorado Law. As with other initiatives, look at who's supporting the amendment and who is contributing the money. If you want to keep money out of politics, vote NO on this one… Telling is this quote from ballotpedia's entry for this initiative: “The largest donor to Raise the Bar Colorado is Protecting Colorado's Environment, Economy, and Energy Independence, a committee intended “to support state and local ballot initiatives promoting responsible oil and gas development… and oppose state and local ballot initiatives which limit or ban oil and gas development.” Some of the committee's largest donors in 2016 include Anadarko Petroleum Corp ($6,500,000), Noble Energy, Inc. ($2,500,000), PDC Energy ($1,250,000), Synergy Resources Corporation ($700,000), Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation ($550,000), and Bayswater Exploration & Production ($500,000).[19]Vital for Colorado, the second largest contributor, was developed to "promote the benefits of energy production in Colorado."[20]

Amendment 72 - (Colorado Constitution) - Increased Cigarette and Tobacco Taxes - Got it wrong.

Amendment T - (Colorado Constitution) - No Exception to Involuntary Servitude Prohibition - Got it wrong, but it was a very close margin.

Amendment U - (Colorado Constitution) - Exempt Certain Possessory Interests from Property Taxes - CALLED IT!

Proposition 106 - (Statutory) - Access to Medical Aid-In-Dying Medication - CALLED IT!

Proposition 107 - (Statutory) - Presidential Primary Elections - Got it wrong.
This would make the party system that our elections operate under kind of obsolete. So until we are ready to do that nationally, I can't see doing that for Colorado.

Proposition 108- (Statutory) - Unaffiliated Voter Participation in Primary Elections - Got it wrong.



We historically do not recommend the retention of any judges. We believe that the recommendations of the Office of Judicial Performance Evaluation is highly biased in favor of ALWAYS retaining judges, regardless of behavior or ruling history on the bench, as is evident from study of Colorado State Ballot Information Booklets (Colorado Blue Book) going back over twenty years. However, this year we will make two exceptions to our general rule and recommend the retention of two Larimer County Court Judges in the Eighth Judicial District.

Honorable Mary Joan Berenato

Honorable Kraig Ecton


Ballot Issue 1A - Mental Health, Detox/Substance Abuse Facility and Services - Sadly got it wrong, we need such a facility.

Ballot Issue 200 - Scientific and Cultural Facilities District Funding (No title in ballot) - CALLED IT!

Ballot Issue 3B - Increase Mil Levy for the Payment of District Operating Costs (No title in ballot) - CALLED IT!
Though a couple of the charter schools were against both 3B and 3C, I believe that we need to properly maintain and utilize our current schools. PSD-R1 needs to be more effective and efficient in allocating resources and schools before I could vote for the kind of mill levy increase requested from the voters in 3C.

Ballot Issue 3C - Increase Mil Levy and Increase Debt for School Construction (No title in ballot) - CALLED IT!


LOVELAND Ballot Issues 5D and 5E - DDA Borrowing $75M and paying back $200M - CALLED IT!

NO - Stop corporate welfare for predominantly Brinkman Partners…


I got over half of the questions right, LOL! 58.3% (14/24). My worst calls/votes where in the Colorado questions, where I only got those 33.3%. I got Steve Johnson right, but missed on Tom Donnelly in the Larimer County Commissioner questions. And I got it right on the Larimer County broadband question. So now we can just get over it, elections is over, give Mr. Trump a chance to lead as he has said he would, and know that God's got it covered!

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