Insurance scapegoat for Brinkman?

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NOTE: Updated 11/13/2016

An interesting development in the case of Mr. Benjamin Gilmore. First off, if you don't believe he did it, please join the Facebook account supporting him,

At first I thought he did, due to the sign he held at one of the Coloradoan photo shoots. But then other things came to light that caused me to change my mind:

  • There have been allegations of homeless individuals sleeping in the area where the fire was burned.
  • One report stated that a construction worker told the homeless individuals that they could sleep there.
  • Homeless individuals were reported as acting suspiciously after the incident at the Occupy Fort Collins gathering.
  • One report from Denver has a commentator stating that: "It's sexier to blame this guy than to have homeless individuals being accused". That I think came from a Denver Post news reporter.

Then we come to the idea that is bothering me. Brinkman Partners was the general contractor for the project. Occupy Fort Collins was making much noise a block away, on the site of the tire store, which was also slated for redevelopment.  Insurance companies don't pay on arson claims unless there is a suspect in custody and a conviction occurs! Think folks... A man, happily married, kid on the way (if I remember correctly) with a thriving business just up and decides one day to become an arsonist and burn down a building under construction. How likely is the scenario? Is this the normal modus operandi of an arsonist?

Here's a second idea. Is anybody interested in the business property of Mr. and Mrs. Gilmore? Has there been any offers to buy up the lot prior to this arson? So my question to you, people of Fort Collins is:  Did Benjamin Gilmore really do this crime or is this a massive case of "Arson Fraud", to the tune of $10,000,000?

Burning The Beekeeper - The Conviction of Benjamin Gilmore


There are individuals who stood to profit from this fire. My belief is that the Occupy protest provided a very good smoke screen for an insurance payout arson scam here in town, knowing that the authorities would be looking at Occupy protesters, and not following the train of money and motive.

Why would a pacifist commit arson? What benefit was there to Mr. Gilmore in burning down Penny Flats? What benefit did that arson have for others? I can't name names, because it's all conjecture and suspicion on my part, but I damn sure hope that this is not another Tim Masters fiasco that will cost the local taxpayer MILLIONS! AGAIN!

I don't know who lit the fire.

I know that a high-profile building project burned and spread to an adjacent occupied building and resulted in much damage.

I really don't care about Brinkman's financial losses.

I know that a suspect is in jail with an unreasonable bond.

I know that people are presumed guilty without supporting evidence. 

I know that 8th JD prosecutors prevail at trial anyway and obtain plea bargains through coercion and threats.

I don't know Mr. Gilmore but he deserves for truth and justice to prevail. 

Looks as though if you comment in a sane and thoughtful manner the trolls vote you down mercilessly.  When I heard about what was being done to Ben I KNEW it was all lies; he  would NEVER do such a thing.  Unfortunately, this is Fort Collins where they railroaded Tim Masters, Stacy Lynne and God only knows how many others.  The city and county just disgust and appall me.  The whole government, court system, power structure there needs to be utterly demolished.

My observations from observing much of this trial convinced me the DA had other suspects they should have considered. The smoking gun (watch at the scene) was not enough to convict Mr. Gilmore because there were plausible scenarios to consider that were not. Mr. Gilmore testified consistently, calmly, and credibly.

Ms. Humphries on the other hand, worked overtime to stir up sympathy of the victims and thus, the jury.  This tactic nicely overrides the lack of evidence. Dramatic re-enactment speculating how the fire started was ridiculous considering Mr. Gilmore has one arm and could not have climbed a two-story wall with a gas can. There were many accusations that were unsubstantiated and half the jury understood this.

For all we know, spontaneous combustion, lightening, or a Molotov cocktail hurled by whoever left their bike helmet and Sterno can near the scene could have ignited the fire.

A motions hearing yesterday Dec 14 resulted in the following settings:

Trial is set to start Sept 16 and run 5 days a week for up to 4 weeks. Pretrial conference August 12, 9 am.

Norm Townsend is representing Ben, with cooperation of others in the PD office (attorneys Esser and Lowry and the PD investigator).

Justice would be to dismiss charges against Mr. Gilmore and seek out the other suspects that probably left the area by now. The guy who threatened to light the fire and then claimed he did it... Might be a good place to start.  Actually heard that he was allowed to leave the state while on probation here, and now can't be found. I hope our system works better than that, but who from probation would clarify it?

What have taxpayers already paid to prosecute Mr Gilmore? Admit defeat and move on, Ms. Humphries. You did not prove your case.

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