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Were did the High Park Fire donation money go?

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Fri, 07/26/2013 - 08:09

We are so busy sometimes that we don't get a chance to pay attention and ask the proper questions. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit one of the gulches in the High Park Fire area (tree rings show something changed about 1987). Looking around at the devastation that used to be people's homes, the group got to talking about the victims, and the High Park Fire donations that were given by the wonderful people of Larimer County. As the group I was with was mostly of individuals who still lived in the area or had friends who lived in the area, the thought came to mind that the locals knew of nobody that got any funds from those donations.

Curious. If anybody knows anybody who got funds from High Park Fire donations, that were being taken everywhere in Fort Collins the summer of 2012, please leave

Possible explanation for Larimer County judge's absence

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Sun, 07/14/2013 - 03:27

On Friday, July 12, the Coloradoan came out with a story titled “No explanation for Larimer County judge's absence”, which is quoted below. So I did a little research on Google for Robert Rand. Google Scholar came up with the following entry from the 10th Federal District (Order quoted below):

CAROL DAVY, Plaintiff,
JUDGE ROBERT RAND, in his official capacity as Larimer County Court Judge, CLIFFORD REIDEL, in his official capacity as District Attorney for Larimer County, and JOHN HICKENLOOPER, in his official capacity as Governor of the State of Colorado, Defendants.
Civil Action No. 13-cv-00509-PAB.
United States District Court, D. Colorado.
March 1, 2013.

Now what is that about? Google Scholar doesn't

Wondering what this obscenity of surveillance is on Mulberry and Timberline

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Tue, 01/15/2013 - 20:19

As I was driving around today, I noticed the following new Larimer County Sheriff Office item (looking brand new) sitting east from the Diesel Services of Northern Colorado parking lot in the median of Highway 14 (it was later moved to the concrete part of the median at Mulberry and Timberline)

Larimer County Sheriff Office Mobile Surveillance Machine
Click on image to view full resolution

Pretty interesting machine, isn't it? I call it the Larimer County Sheriff Office Mobile Surveillance Machine, or LCSOMSM in bureau-speak. It's when one looks at the mast closely though, that's when things get very interesting, because what precisely is the


Submitted by CatWhisperer on Fri, 12/14/2012 - 07:00

I was recently contacted by a victim and example of corruption in this community. She wants her story publicized, and I'm more than willing to oblige, because she is computer illiterate. Those of you here in Choice City {for whom, BTW} may remember the story of Holiday Christy, who was portrayed as this monster animal abuser. I wrote about it back in August, 2011. The fact is that she had the misfortune to get fuel on I-25 and Harmony in this community. She was traveling with all of her animals, including a number of breeder dogs, to a new life in Texas. One animal got loose, got hit, and all of a sudden law enforcement and Animal Control, aka The Humane Society is involved.

To make a long story short, I believe that somebody found out that she was carrying hard cash and had breeder animals, and snatched her animals, arresting her and falsely accusing her of animal abuse. The legal fraud to that, is that from Fort Collins to Texas is less than 24 hours. The animals were not being abused in any way, they were being transported in cages with food and water. They demanded $6300 to get back the animals, inventing

Banning Panhandelers: How the County Commissioners may waste more of our tax dollars

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Sat, 12/01/2012 - 07:14

Note: Updated 12/8/2016

So the Commissioners are about to take a vote on banning panhandling, like on the medians at Timberline and Mulberry (Hwy 14), as reported by the Coloradoan. I would recommend that the Commissioners attempt to do no such thing, lest they get us embroiled in a lawsuit with the ACLU as Colorado Springs has here recently.

Why would the ACLU take up the case of the panhandler? Because it is a First Amendment free speech issue for both the panhandler and driver. He (or she), the panhandler, has a First Amendment right to discuss anything with me unless I refuse so. I have the right to discuss, or not, whatever I want with that panhandler once approached. That discussion can range from the weather to the design of nuclear weapons. It can also include an entreaty for a pecuniary gratuity. And I can give it or not, at my choosing. These are all basic First Amendment rights in America. If you don't want to talk to them, you keep your window rolled up, or tell them so. If you do, you roll your window down. It's no big deal.

The Commissioners and whoever is advising them are going about this the wrong way. First off

It's Rattler Country, watch out where you step...

Submitted by CatWhisperer on Thu, 06/23/2011 - 21:52

Out on a road trip looking for some panning spots, I wound up by Watson Lake on the Poudre River by the sluiceway cruising along on the bicycle, enjoying the scenery. And low and behold, I hear the "SOUND". Kind of sounds like a cicada, but much slower and deeper.  I stop mid trail, and do a quick look see on the ground. Damn, a Western Diamondback (Crotalus atrox)... Passed less than two feet from it.