Terms and Conditions

Submitted by Site Meister on Sun, 08/07/2016 - 22:36

Terms and Conditions

  1. This site is provided as a free service to the general public courtesy of Alfred P. Reaud, Happy Cat Technologies. It is intended to provide a channel for free expression of opinions related to local news.
  2. All posts, images, and attachments uploaded by users of this site are public domain under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License, once they are submitted and placed on the site. As a user, you retain copyright to your work, but agree to allow free use of such work by the general public, including reproduction by any available media including digital, photographic, or print. Users retain control of their own content, and may delete or edit it at will. Inappropriate content will be removed involuntarily under extreme circumstances, i.e. see rule on threats/devices below.
  3. All content quoted from the Fort Collins Coloradoan news website is property of the Fort Collins Coloradoan/Gannet news, and all quotations thereof must be credited to the appropriate author/organization.
  4. You must be 18 years of age or older to post on this site.
  5. Absolutely NO threats to public figures or private individuals allowed. Absolutely NO posting of instructions to manufacture any kind of explosive, incendiary, or lethal device. Violation of either part of this rule subjects the member to permanent banning. Absolutely NO posting of any content related to support, assistance, or recruiting of any terrorist organization. It is the at the discretion of the administrator of this web site when a posting is considered to contain instructions for the manufacturer of explosives, incendiary, or lethal devices. The reason for the second rule is Sherman Austin. The reason for the third rule should be obvious to any citizen or resident of the America or Europe...
  6. IP addresses will be subject to permanent banning for any attempted hacking activities originating from that IP address including accessing or attempting to access any administrative pages and/or functions. This is a zero tolerance rule that is strictly enforced. This rule also applies to any site related testing servers owned or operated by Happy Cat Technologies. If you've been banned accidentally, think you have been, or wish to appeal your ban please contact site_meister@coloradoan-anti-censorship.net.
  7. Spam is not allowed. Spam is defined as posting content of a commercial or advertising nature. Examples of spam are repeated posting of the same content containing text and/or images that advertise a product or service. Spamming the site will result in the user being banned after reasonable warning. Including a signature line in postings that links to a commercial website or that contains a company name will not be considered spamming. This site is here to promote personal free speech, not free corporate speech.
  8. Profanity is allowed, but the site administrator would prefer that it not become an online f-bomb fest. If necessary, we can create a "barbecue pit" for flamers.
  9. Non-Colorado Users. Please be aware that if a prospective user has an IP address not located in Colorado but is located in the USA, the site administrator will be contacting that prospective user to determine their purpose in wishing to post on this site. If it appears that a prospective user is trying to create an account using fictitious (i.e. a fake email address) information that account will not be activated and the offending IP address will be banned. As a matter of course, the site administrator does not usually grant account privileges to prospective users outside the USA.