Submitted by CatWhisperer on Fri, 12/14/2012 - 07:00

I was recently contacted by a victim and example of corruption in this community. She wants her story publicized, and I'm more than willing to oblige, because she is computer illiterate. Those of you here in Choice City {for whom, BTW} may remember the story of Holiday Christy, who was portrayed as this monster animal abuser. I wrote about it back in August, 2011. The fact is that she had the misfortune to get fuel on I-25 and Harmony in this community. She was traveling with all of her animals, including a number of breeder dogs, to a new life in Texas. One animal got loose, got hit, and all of a sudden law enforcement and Animal Control, aka The Humane Society is involved.

To make a long story short, I believe that somebody found out that she was carrying hard cash and had breeder animals, and snatched her animals, arresting her and falsely accusing her of animal abuse. The legal fraud to that, is that from Fort Collins to Texas is less than 24 hours. The animals were not being abused in any way, they were being transported in cages with food and water. They demanded $6300 to get back the animals, inventing this whole cloth story, demanding pretty much ALL SHE HAD! Some of here animals were euthanized shortly after without consent or authority (if there was cite it).

Those here in this community that think injustice will continue to be swept under the rug and the status quo ante will continue are in for a rude awakening. This is the information age, and lies will be forced out into the bright, clean light, where they will die like the old school vampires that they are. How much did y'all get for the breeder dogs, BTW?


I remember this story well, and I also remember, a couple that were moving with some very old dogs. They ended up stopping before traveling through Larimer County, to have these dogs put down. What I find so strange is that one of the Larimer County Commissioners is a retired veterinarian, who should have some knowledge on the transportation of animals. As many of the new horse trailers are not that much different than the trailer this woman was transporting her animals in, seems like the goal was to use the law to steal all the money they could from this woman. Also one has to question why some of the animals were euthanized. I think that the lack of medical knowledge and critical thinking skills that were displayed by both Larimer County Commissioner Steve Johnson (retired veterinarian) and District Attorney Larry Abrahamson, should really be reviewed. As DA Larry Abrahamson wrote a letter that contains many outright lies about medical claims in the case of a young girl who Larry Abrahamson claims had heat stroke but shows that both Larry Abrahamson and Steve Johnson lack enough medical knowledge to understand that arsenic poisoning, as claimed by the mother had just much evidence to have been the cause. 

The lack of ethics displayed by the 8th Judicial District Attorneys and courts shows that the abuse of people is the goal and not justice.

CatWhisperer, you are correct that these animals were not being abused, and only abuse that happened in this case was the abuse by law enforcement, the District Attorney and the judge in the case. The true criminals are the ones wearing badges and roaming the halls of the court house and administrative buildings of Larimer County.  

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