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Submitted by Site Meister on Fri, 08/12/2016 - 22:37

We are resurrecting a fun section of CACN, one which was called Thought of the Day (TOTD). As we create new content for the site, we attempt to add on a semi-daily basis the Thought of the Day. TOTD may be generated by an application called fortune-mod in a random semi-automatic process. The fortunes come from a database of over a million entries. Some of them are excellent, and most are apropos to the issue of the day. Some Thoughts of the Day are created on the whim of the site operator, or relate to current geopolitical topics, as the need arises. As they get changed on almost a daily basis (we try, LOL!) and aren't currently archived in any other fashion, as opposed to posts, we've returned to using this book, porting back to the December 6, 2011 TOTD, as time allows, and archiving newly created Thoughts of the Day. Recovering previous fortunes with fortune-mod is possible, BTW, but only if one knows a bit of text in them.


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