Origins of the Site Logo

Submitted by Site Meister on Tue, 05/10/2011 - 21:25

Finally there is a site logo. The idea is a play on censorship using one of the memes resulting from the Department of Homeland Security's Duct Tape Alert from February, 2003. This logo is a layered composite created by GIMP that contains the following:

  • A historical painting of George Washington cropped to a nice oval. The source for that image was painting by Gilbert Stuart.
  • Stock images of duct tape strips. The strip used, “Duct Tape1 by nitch stock”, isolated the top image onto a transparent background usable as a layer.
  • The duct tape strip was resized, pasted on and rotated to match the line of George Washington's mouth in the painting, then it was centered on the mouth using partial opacity, then made fully opaque again.
  • Finally, a wood border was placed around the oval, using GIMP's FX-Foundary ⇒ Layer Effects ⇒ Add Border.

The result of this, before resizing was:

Full size site logo.

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